An odd sphere was seen hovering over Colima Volcano in Mexico, and the spectacle became even weirder when the appearance started multiplying into smaller shapes and sizes.

We can safely state that planet Earth is an alien planet in comparison to us. All the lifeforms residing here are so mysterious, and blend in really well with the environment.

Humans on the other hand seek the comfort of their homes, prefer to hide behind a screen, and will ultimately plunge into virtual reality to escape from this world.. In any case, humans are not the only weird and seemingly misfit creatures living around here.

We know by now that an abundant number of UFOs is constantly visiting active volcanoes, but we’re yet to discover their nature and origins. At the end of January this year, a video has surfaced on the internet showcasing a bright sphere hovering above Colima Volcano which soon transformed into other white spheres.

The above UFO(s) are not something new, they are called ebani, or zeroids, and are believed to be organic entities that have stood the test of time ever since our universe had formed. They are present both inside Earth’s atmosphere and in its orbit. In fact, these entities are believed to be found in outer space, as they can withstand the harsh environment similar to how tardigrades can survive.

Not much is known about them so far, although their existence has been attested for quite some time. They seem organic in nature, they love to float peacefully, and they take many shapes and sizes. They manifest a colonial behavior. Some of the largest zeroids were seen feasting on the smaller ones.

We don’t know yet if these beings are the same with the orbs UFOs which are seen both during the night and day. They do seem to pulsate in some cases, going from almost an invisible dot to a luminous, large sphere, but there could be a difference between these beings, which seem organic, and the orbs, that can be some sort of artificial devices belonging to the military or to some advanced extraterrestrial beings.

One thing seems certain though, they don’t seem to want us any harm, they just hover there performing some kind of bizarre ritual. I hope I’m right, and if you consider otherwise, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this. You can find more about UFOs HERE

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