An eerie sound has recently been heard over Slovakia, the kind that send shivers down the spine.

Reports of bizarre noises have surfaced from a rural area in Slovakia where people had their country side specific silence disturbed. Few of the witnesses have pointed their phones towards the source of this peculiar growl, namely the sky, and have made the videos available on the internet.

This event didn’t receive much attention which got me thinking that it could be a manufactured sound, but after searching a bit more, I came across other videos recording the same animalesque buzz.

With so many things going on lately it becomes hard to label something as true or fake, but you can lend an ear at it and decide for yourself.

The turbulence appears to be coming from the sky and it could be linked somehow to the bizarre cloud formation from that area. It could subtly point out at a HAARP operation, but I doubt electromagnetic waves would make any noise.

Others have reported hearing similar sounds in the rural areas close to Munich, Germany, and say it’s similar to the rumbling produced by rocks hurtling below the ground. This is a viable hypothesis that could explain the eerie noise, but it also raises other questions.

What could be producing these sounds in the underground? Could it be a natural phenomenon or rather something related to HAARP that is believed to affect not only the weather, but also cause earthquakes and tsunamis?

Whatever the case, we’ve already become familiar with peculiar noises resembling loud engines, metallic slam, rumblings, groaning and even trumpets in some cases. If you don’t know yet about this unexplained phenomenon, I’ll leave you some interesting cases below,  plus a link to even more info.

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