One Sun is NOT Enough—This NASA Patent Describes The Creation of Artificial Sun

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This NASA patent describes an artificial star ever since the 1960s, suddenly fueling belief that the two suns we see in different videos might be more than fiction.

I have to admit that whenever I came across a “two Suns” video I usually ignored it due to the high probability of it being a lens flare or some other cheap trick. But now, I have to admit that my self-defense mechanism inside my brain made me ignore this issue which, surprisingly enough, might be as real as people claim to be. Coming across this NASA patent field in 1961 and approved in 1966 about an artificial illuminating system made me reconsider the “two Suns” theory and some other. nasa star patent yzzaxu This patent, which by the way is over five decades old, is about creating an artificial sun capable of illuminating most, if not the entire globe, the same way our REAL Sun does now. The concept was deemed “a novel illumination system” intended to create “a single virtual source” of light. But why would we need a an artificial reflector powered by our own Sun? What applicability does this have? You would consider such a breakthrough invention to be of practical use to its users, or beneficiaries, but this aspect has been skillfully dodged by this NASA patent that only focuses on its functionality. Let’s have a look at some of these issues addressed in the paper:

In a sun simulator system, it is desirable to provide means for varying the intensity of illumination over a relatively wide range without change in the spectral distribution of the illumination, so that the simulator may be used to simulate not only sunlight, but also earthlight and moonlight.”

In other words, the artificial reflector would have to be adjusted in a way that simulates not only sunlight, but also natural light of the earth and the moon. Now, let’s have a look at few of the objectives this invention is trying to reach:

…to provide a novel illumination system particularly suitable for use as a sun simulator in conjunction with an environmental test chamber; to provide a novel illumination system of this type in which the real light sources may be positioned exteriorly of the test chamber and their light outputs directed into a test chamber through a relatively small window; to provide an illumination system of this type which is of relatively simple and rugged construction and reliable and convenient in operation.”

It’s been almost six decades since the patent was field, and it appears that this idea already turned to reality. There is abundant evidence now showing artificial suns of an unnatural hexagonal shape during sunrise, or at dawn. The REAL sun is also visible in the background, and usually has much smaller proportions than the artificial one. The entire concept is based on the schematics from this NASA patent: the real sun powering this huge reflector in the sky from behind, allowing the sunlight to be reflected through it. Here is one such vivid example: I could swear this was a lens flare unless I’ve seen this patent made available by NASA. It has indeed a hexagonal shape and greater dimensions than usual. To have a clear picture in mind, here are the schematics of the invention, as well as their meaning: fake sun schematic  jocyq

fake sun schematic  fdctld

fake sun schematic   nfmmlz

fake sun schematic explanation fkvfj Since the paper speaks of no particular utility of this invention, we can easily link it to some suspicions drawn lately about artificial aerosols being spayed into the atmosphere to help with the global warming…at least that’s the explanation presented by CIA director John Brennan during a recent speech…a good way of wrapping up the word “chemtrails.” The reason they are performing these experiments is purely speculative for now, but besides the common idea of the government poisoning us through all layers of the environment – which by the way is a bit confusing because we’re all residents of the same planet and without discrimination exposed to the same environmental threats, some have suggested that the government is terraforming the Earth to make way for a new hybrid species. With the rise of artificial intelligence, neural bands, C.R.I.S.P.R. gene editing technology available on a large scale, and many wet dreams of becoming cyborgs, the above mentioned idea is starting to take shape. Humans have made possible what decades ago was deemed impossible, and as the globalist agenda is moving forward, it appears that they are making way for a novel species of humans, a hybrid species enhanced with technological upgrades and with a mind not belonging to them anymore. But this is just pure speculation, until it will turn real and the masses will have no power anymore to overthrow the evil that has been done. I, however, hope for the good. May all this prove to be just a conspiracy worthy of a tinfoil hat. – NASA STAR patent can be accessed here 

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