Plasma Orb Streaking Across Japan Sky Defies All Earthly Logic

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But some experts may have a viable explanation for this.

A greenish-white plasma orb was caught streaking across the sky over the Japanese city of Niigata.

It remained visible for over fifteen seconds, time during which it entertained the eyewitnesses and lit up the cloudy sky.

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The footage was caught on video by Japan’s largest broadcasting organization, NHK News. The eerie event took place on Monday at around 5:30 AM.

The plasma orb soared shyly through the sky at first, but after a few seconds it lit up midair leaving everyone watching baffled as they couldn’t explain what they were seeing.

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The unidentified object behaved extremely unnaturally and could not fall under a specific criteria of sky phenomenon.

Those trying to label it proposed that it could have been debris broken loose from a comet or asteroid, while according to the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan it could have been an incandescent piece of rocket debris falling through the atmosphere.

The sighting was also visible across other areas including Kanagawa, Chiba, Iwate and Akita, but no piece of debris from the mysterious ‘fireball’ were recovered so far.

If this was a fireball, it is an extremely bright example,” said Associate Professor Hidehiko Agata at Japan’s National Astronomical Observatory. “It’s possible that it was breaking apart while sparkling in the sky, which is an extremely rare phenomenon.”

Keeping in mind the above explanations, they don’t seem to add up, and here is why: Besides the fact that no physical remains were fetched from the ground, although a satellite mapping was available and could track the landing spot of the presumed debris, the object behaves unnaturally in a way that cannot be described through conventional explanations.

First of all, the plasma orb’s trajectory goes upwards, and not towards the ground, and at the start of the video you can see how the plasma orb leans to the right. It also goes horizontally, and not vertically as you would expect from a falling object.

The unidentified object leaves behind a greenish-white thin tail after it lights up, probably due to an increase in velocity. It continues to ascend before it disappears.

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Now, what kind of falling debris would behave like that? And the answer is extremely likely to be ‘none.’ But what could this eerie object be then? Could it be a super saiyan coined by Japanese artists, or something else?

We can’t state for sure what it is, only allude to its nature based on the information we have at our disposal. Judging after its white-centered light and emanating greenish aura, it could be a plasma-based entity departing from the planet.

Science-fiction already merged with reality, so it becomes more naturally and safely to assume these ideas. Dr. Franklin Ruehl describes in an article for Washington Post these bioforms dubbed ‘zeroids’ which, according to him, inhabit the recesses of free space.

Zeroids have developed a protective shield, either electromagnetic and physical, to allow them safe passage through our realm of existence.

These primordial bioforms which allegedly populate all sectors of space within and outside of galaxies, have been extensively documented for decades now, and there is various video and photographic footage to attest them.

Why authorities are trying to hide their existence is yet to be understood. It could be that these enigmatic plasma orbs are traveling through the wormholes that open up all across Earth’s atmosphere.

I’m talking about the portals discovered by NASA which, believe it or not, may offer safe passage between distant worlds (like our planet and the Sun for example) by bending space and time. Experts at the renowned space agency acknowledge their existence and have even sent four spacecraft in high Earth orbit to document them.

What it is known so far is that physical objects are unable to travel through these portals, but it could be that those spectacular plasma orbs can.

For now, it remains only speculation, but the increasing number of these sightings, as well as the secrecy (and deliberate ignorance) of authorities regarding these cases hint towards a considerable cover-up.

Ask yourself why are they keeping this subject taboo when there are plenty of records of such orbs. Are earthling interfering with these beings? Is there a secret pact between ETs and our governments?

What do you think to be the case? [Below is a video of the emerald orb surprised by a weather camera in Sendai city]

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