The idea that aliens have been around since time immemorial is almost impossible to prove due to the lack of ‘solid evidence,’ but since everyone has now a smartphone, sightings such as these are hard to come by unnoticed.

Came across this UFO sighting a few days ago when scrolling through the news feed. RT reported this strange appearance resembling a shifting UFO that was in no mood of staying hidden or cloaked.

The impressive and hard to believe sighting trailed across numerous areas of the English county of Cornwall, and at the scene were more witnesses that had seen and caught the anomaly on tape.

At first sight, it looks as if the UFO is having trouble with its covert shield, that if we refer to it as a solid flying vessel.

Judging from afar, it could also be a flock of birds masquerading above, or some rare type of dust devil.

This is really an astonishing view, and if it were real, we would probably have concrete evidence of otherworldly visitors surprised by more witnesses.

However, it seems like this was nothing more than CGI generated and promoted for a viral campaign taking part in Cornwall entitled Eden Project.

The UFO sighting was orchestrated by more marketeers and influential social media people.

Although we felt for this trick at first, we are yet to understand what capabilities the powers that be have in stock for when they’ll enact their fake Project BLUE BEAM invasion.


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