A triangular stealth-UFO traveling at a dazzling speed was surprised over California by a vigilant UFO hunter using his night vision camera.

A strange and at the same time unique sighting had been recorded using a night vision camera and an IR filer in 2008. The footage was shot over Fremont, California, and it displays some type of aircraft with extreme technological capabilities that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

In the first twenty seconds of the video the camera is pointed towards a conventional aircraft that’s crossing the sky, but afterwards a strange flying object appears in sight.

The aircraft has a defined triangular shape and is flying in stealth mode. It uses covert lighting to cloak its presence while dashing through the sky at a bewildering speed and extreme altitude. Could this be a UFO, or rather a rogue military prototype?

A particular feature is its triangular shape with five lights that probably reveal its engines. Another hypothesis hints at a distinct flying formation of more UFOs. By comparing the two sightings appearing in the video, we notice a huge difference between the signaling lights of the plane which are constantly blinking and those installed on the stealth aircraft. Notice also how the shape of the first object can hardly be observed because of its dense luminosity.

At some point in the video, the formation of lights gets slightly distorted, almost like changing positions. Could this be an effect of velocity caused by moving the camera? Or maybe it indicates that what we see is in fact a squadron of 5 different UFOs?

Although they seem to maintain the same triangular alignment, a small anomaly in shape is noticed as they cross the night sky (notice at 0:35 and 0:40 seconds). Could the reveal more UFOs flying in an (almost) perfect formation?

Other hypothesis point towards a hang glider flying at night, which seems really unlikely because a glider would carry FAA anti-collision lights that periodically blink. Besides, it’s against the law to fly a hang glider at night over a populated area.

It’s hard to put an official label on this sighting, but it’s not hard to guess or assume. From my perspective, the stealth aircraft is one of the toys the military has in stock. What purpose it serves remains an enigma, but some similarities with other known sightings seem to deepen the mystery.

Most of the studied triangular UFOs are seen in space, more precisely on the Moon, near the Apollo missions or the ISS. Some of them have three lights instead of five, but maintain the same defined triangular shape.

Triangle UFO near the Apollo 17 final moon mission

A wild guess here would be that such triangular aircraft are used for secret space missions. With this in mind, it might be that we never actually made it to the moon (which is presumed to be around 240,000 miles) and the ISS (orbiting at 250 miles) could be reached by such crafts, so the Moon landing could very well be a staged operation.

Should we assume the military were just doing their usual national security routine in their stealth prototype? Or is this particular sighting somehow related to the UFOs from space that are unlikely to be of human origin? Or is it? Here’s the official link for the triangle UFO posted above. Zoom in and look carefully to the right corner, just after the blackness of space begins.

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