It was a regular day for this man living in a peaceful town in Argentina, but it all changed after he discovered what at first looked like an alien egg.

Earth has underwent five mass extinctions so far, and we can only imagine the mysteries that had been reclaimed by nature and preserved under tons of layers of dirt and vegetation.

Sometimes, due to earthquakes that shake the crust open, some remains of otherworldly creatures come to light, and the world is pushed to reshapes it’s vision of the past.

While strolling across his property in the Argentinian town of Carlos Spegazzi, Jose Antonio Nievas came across something that was about to change his life forever, and fortunately for the good.

The man accompanied by his dog were enjoying a breath of fresh air when a collapsed bank of the nearby stream caught their attention. After rushing to the scene, Jose discovered an oval and scaly object of considerable proportions.

It had a small crack on the side and strongly resembled an egg, but one the likes he had never seen before. After fearfully approaching the object, he realized that its unusual lizard-like features were due to its origins.

We can only imagine what Jose’s first thoughts were…an egg belonging to some alien species, deposited right there on his property. Or maybe some dinosaur? And would the small hole mean that it was hatching? It was probably so, as the man rushed back home and informed all his relatives about this eerie find.

His wife thought that Jose was playing a prank on her when he came in telling about the huge dinosaur/ alien egg he encountered, but was soon convinced that it was no joke.

“My husband went out to the car and when he came back he said, ‘Hey, I just found an egg that looks like it came from a dinosaur,'” said Ms Coroner in an interview.

“We all laughed because we thought it was a joke.”

They returned to the scene to elucidate the origins of this mysterious object.

One third buried in mud and water made the egg look like something Jose could remove, but after struggling to do so, he realized that extra hands were needed to do so. In total, the object was 3 feet wide and was extremely heavy. It was then when Jose reevaluated his find, since no egg would weigh that much.

During this time, the residents of the small Argentinian town found out about he find, and rumors started circulating rapidly regarding it’s origins. Was it indeed an egg belonging to an exotic alien species? Or maybe an alien artifact? Maybe it’s flying vessel?

To find out exactly what they were dealing with, authorities and experts were called to the scene to lend their advice. That’s when they had realized it was some kind of armored shell.

To come up with a more conclusive explanation, experts had to go back in time to the last glaciation, when super-sized creatures were all over the world. They found out that the presumed alien egg was in fact the perfectly-preserved remains of glyptodon – a giant armadillo which roamed across South America more than 15,000 years ago.

Remains of these beasts were unearthed at different locations across Argentina, but the specimen Jose uncovered is among the most well-preserved so far. The additional hole found in its shell was the only scar affecting the fossil, and that’s what researchers believe is what caused its death.

Although it proved the object was not an alien egg, nor that of a dinosaur, it remains a veritable example of the many mysteries that had been reclaimed by time and nature.

If fossils of bigger creatures are found more often, there’s a smaller chance encountering remains of tinier ones due to erosion destroying everything. Even so, unearthing fossils is a very rare, and sometimes lucky occurrence.



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