Relics belonging to an ancient and seemingly advanced civilization were found by pure chance after a riverbed in India had dried out.

After the Karnataka river in India had drained for the first time in history due to the scorching heat, locals were startled to discover bizarre carvings on the boulders left alone by the river torrent.

Most of them were embedded in stone and belonged to the old Hindu culture. Since the river never dried out in known history, the artificial formations were preserved in extremely good shape, regardless of the rapid current constantly hasting over it.

The curious discovery raises numerous questions regarding the origins and capabilities of its ingenious masters. According to historians, ancient peoples did not possess advanced tools to assist them with their artistic trials, but these smooth and well-defined sculptures indicate the contrary.

The almost adamant material is also to be remarked, as it remained unharmed despite the forces of nature and passing of time. The ancients showed great knowledge and ingenuity when turning such a rough material into pieces of significance and worship.

These artifacts are recognized as Shiva Lingams and represent a place where people worshiped the goddess Shiva. The linga is seen as a symbol of energy and potential of Shiva himself.

Since many Shiva Lingams were discovered in the same place, together with other puzzling designs, archaeologists believe to have found the remnants of a temple dedicated to Shiva and other Hindu deities.

The intriguing designs reveal how the ancients were skilled craftsmen that could model different types of rock-hard materials. Is it possible that they received help from the very deities they were worshiping?

How else were they capable of creating such impenetrable shrines unaltered not even by a river current that poured downhill for centuries?

Some theories vary, claiming that some of the relics depict actual Vimanas that had been used by ancient aliens to transit the Earth in long-forgotten times.

We may never find out how this ancient civilization had come to an end, nor how its builders managed to carve with such precision in stone without the adequate tools, but the heritage left behind by the drying river holds testimony to an alternative reality experienced by those people.

Hopefully, this grand puzzle concerning our ancient origins will be understood after we have gathered and ensembled enough pieces.

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