One of the most uncanny Martian sightings so far is that of a levitating woman atop a rocky cliff that appears to be spying on the unaware Curiosity rover.

Anomaly hunters have stumbled across this intriguing sighting that strongly resembles a maiden, or better said the spirit of a woman, levitating on the edge of a crevice.

Certain traits can be observed in contrast with the landscape. The ‘levitating woman’ has long, black hair that’s falling over her shoulders and black dress, arms appear lighter in color. A face can also be distinguished, together with a generous decolletage.

Overall, the appearance meets most criteria of an earthly woman, although it’s hard to understand if she’s alive or just a ghostly appearance. Some even proposed that it may be a statue of moderate proportions, but this hypothesis is highly questionable due to t he conditions encountered on Mars.

It’s hard to say if it is a living being, or a statue of some being from long ago,” said Scott Waring, UFO enthusiast and researcher. “However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being. It’s also facing the Curiosity rover…watching it from a distance.”

The majority of people have scrutinized that what appears in the image could be identified as pareidolia – a state where the brain fools the eyes into believing they see familiar patterns, objects and shapes belonging to the culture we are accustomed to, but the possibility of the image presenting an authentic phenomenon is not to be taken aside.

After all, numerous photographs beamed back from the Red Planet present visible anomalies that could put an otherworldly label on them.

A great deal of things from beyond Earth exceed our understanding and earth-related expectations, that’s why we shouldn’t simply debunk the woman appearance as a simple illusion, but instead think of a scenario where such implications are real.

Whatever the case, the woman on Mars remains one of the most uncanny apparitions from the martian soil, be it real, a ghostly figure, or just a figment of human imagination.

Check out the official image for extra interpretation – Official NASA photo.


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