Bob Lazar—First Man To Come Clean About Reverse-Engineering Alien Technology and Top-Secret Base S4

S4 Bob Lazar Ufo wv1txx
S4 Bob Lazar Ufo wv1txx

This man had been employed at one of the most secret facilities operated by the US government in the late 90s. After years of reverse-engineering otherworldly technology salvaged from crashed alien crafts, he took the risk to openly discuss about the entire ordeal.

Another decade was coming to an end, and rumors of “flying disks” and strange beings from other worlds were on people’s lips. It was 1989 when a man known as Robert Scott Lazar decided it was time to shed some light on this topic. That’s when he contacted a local news station in Las Vegas with the sole desire to make his notorious story public.


The show had aired and Lazar started his streak of unbelievable admissions. He claimed he had been part of a top-secret government program known as Galileo where he worked as a physicist to reproduce alien technology recovered from otherworldly crafts. The entire operation was carried out 10 miles south of Area 51, inside an underground ultra-secret facility dubbed S4.

The base entrance leaned perfectly on the steep mountain slope, and was perfectly camouflaged using natural material. Inside were a total of nine aircraft hangars where extraterrestrial crafts were stored.

Lazar said he had seen nine alien crafts during the time he worked there between December 1988 and April 1989, and he offered relevant and detailed depictions of both their exterior shell and interior mechanism. According to him, their propulsion systems functioned on amplified gravity waves that were generated via a reactor found on the lowest level of the craft.

One of his attributions as a physicist involved researching the saucer’s fuel, a compound with the atomic number 115. This particular element had uncanny properties which allowed the flying devices to bend space around them, allowing for two points anywhere in the cosmos to be dragged and squeezed together until the transit distance became minimal. However, the catalyst required for this process couldn’t be synthesized on Earth.

bending space fc0ssr - Bob Lazar—First Man To Come Clean About Reverse-Engineering Alien Technology and Top-Secret Base S4

I am exactly sure of what I saw. I know what mainstream science is like, I know where physics stands, I know all of that, and this is an extraterrestrial craft,” Bob Lazar stated. “This technology is hundreds and hundreds of years in advance of us, and that’s the end of that story.”

Laxar also spoke of a briefing he received from ETs who originated from the forth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta Reticuli 2, more precisely the ones known as “the Greys.” It involved extended historic events spanning over 100,000 Earth years where aliens have contributed to the birth and development of mankind.


He also disclosed facts about the flying shield he had worked on. Its diameter stretched 9 to 12 meters, its interior had a commanding console and tiny sits that seemed rather fit for children than a full-grown individual.

After his daring public speech, Lazar’s life changed for the worse as threats from various parties had put him in an anxious stance, and further on his fears came true after an almost-lethal gunshot.

He caused a great deal of excitement and intrigue inside the UFO community, with many people coming forward after his brave attempt to disclose the truth. Television journalist George Knapp was one of those wanting to know if his stories were true or pure fiction, so he tried to reach the notorious S4 base, but to no avail. He couldn’t bypass the government’s restrictions, so he pursued a different road that lead to another brick wall.

It became difficult to check on Lazar’s background. His hospital birth certificate, collage papers and employment proof were all missing for some reason, and there was no proof of him working at the Los Alamos National Laboratories either.

However, not all traces were erased, as his name and picture were discovered printed in the July 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor. It showed Bob Lazar leaned over a jet car, and his employment status referred to him as a scientist with Los Alamos.

bob lazar id uelylp - Bob Lazar—First Man To Come Clean About Reverse-Engineering Alien Technology and Top-Secret Base S4

Lazar’s claims have a solid reasoning and background, together with notions denoting a veritable background as a physicist and engineer. There are however numerous skeptics denying the authenticity of his assertions, claiming they are nothing more than empty words aimed at gaining personal wealth and recognition.

Whoever is right we can only guess, but it remains Lazar’s merit for propelling Area 51 at the notoriety it has today, despite being a top-secret government base. Considering the level of secrecy attributed to this facility, it’s easy to understand why Lazar’s background was impossible to be tracked.

Nevertheless, he inspired numerous whistleblowers to come forward and speak of the secret operations undergone by the government with alien beings and advanced spacecrafts. One such example is this South African Brigadier General who spilled the beans on Art Bell’s C2C podcast in 2004.

Whatever the case, Bob Lazar remains an iconic figure for the field of UFOlogy, and his claims a symbol of bravery in the battle against the powers that be.

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