The 2019 Ultimate List of UFO Sightings in History

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The 2019 Ultimate UFO Sightings List

Welcome to the 2019 Ultimate UFO Sightings History List. Comment if in case you have further sightings to file which are noteworthy.

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Some circumstances are popularly recognized, and feature develop into folklore. Others are extra difficult to understand, and recognized principally to Ufologists and fans.

19th Century UFO sightings

1800: March 29th, Prediger Fritsch noticed in Quedlinburg a tiny spot crossing the solar in 6 hours.


1802: February 27th, Prediger Fritsch noticed in Quedlinburg a tiny spot crossing the solar in northwestern-direction and speeded up thereby.

1839: October 2d, Cupper noticed transit of unidentified object in entrance of the solar.

1849: March 12th, Sidebotham noticed transit of tiny spot at the solar.

1859: March 26th, Lescarbault noticed transit of unknown frame in entrance of the solar. Liais in Brasilia noticed no such factor.

1862: March 20th, Lummis, ingenieur of Manchester, noticed transit of unknown object in entrance of the solar.

20th Century UFO sightings

1913 and later: The Brown Mountain Lights, made well-known by way of a bluegrass music.

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gettyimages 77671626

1942: February 24 and 25, the West coast air raid, unidentified aerial items cause the army to fireplace hundreds of anti-aircraft rounds into the sky and raised the wartime alert standing.

1944: Foo opponents, vibrant spheres recurringly noticed by way of army air crews around the globe.

1946 and later: Ghost rockets, items with traits of cruise missiles sighted many times in all places Scandinavia—Swedish Defense Staff expressed worry.


1947: June 23, Maury Island incident, a extremely debatable tale, the place a canine used to be killed and a boy injured by way of UFOs and the witness threatened by way of Men in Black.

1947: June 24, Kenneth Arnold’s sighting, the incident that sparked the title alien craft.

1947: June 14 or July 4, Roswell UFO incident, US Air Force on July 8: captured flying saucer; on July 9: climate balloon; in 1994 and 1997, respectively: Project Mogul balloon educate. Witnesses and UFO researcher: crashed UFO and alien team.

1948: So-called Green Fireballs had been reported over a number of United States army bases; an respectable investigation adopted.

1948: Mantell Incident, US Air Force despatched a fighter pilot to test a UFO sighting—the pilot crashed.

1948: Kapustin Yar Incident, the place supposedly a “cigar” formed UFO used to be shot down by way of a Russian MIG that crashed.

1949: Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh reported a atypical sighting.

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1950: August 15, The Mariana UFO Incident in Great Falls, Montana.

1952: Carson Sink Case over western Nevada, USA.

1952: “What does all these things about alien craft quantity to? What can it imply? What is the reality? Let me have a file at your comfort”. Winston Churchill

1952: Washington flap, a stirring sequence of UFO sightings with radar contacts in Washington, DC, USA. This resulted in the implementation of the Robertson Panel by way of the CIA, to arrange protocol in which UFO/alien witnesses, events are to be ridiculed and discredited, UFO teams, and many others. are to be spied upon.

1953: U.S Air Force Pilot Felix Moncla disappears whilst pursuing a UFO.

1954: French flap, Hundreds of UFO sightings.

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1954: Unknown orbiting satellites reported, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh concerned.

1955: Kelly-Hopkinsville come across, a gaggle of atypical playful creatures bullied a circle of relatives.

1957: 1957 flap, more than one automotive stallings by way of massive UFOs in Levelland Texas and New Mexico, UFO sightings over New Mexico army spaces.

1961: Hill Abduction, the primary extensively publicized alien abduction enjoy.

1964: Lonnie Zamora, a police officer in Socorro, New Mexico, US, experiences an in depth come across.

1965: December 9, Kecksburg incident, mass sighting of a falling UFO adopted by way of an alleged isolation of the crash website.

1965: Frank Borman’s picture, a UFO image by way of an astronaut, he took an image of the UFO that adopted the Gemini 7 flight.

1967: Falcon Lake Incident, consistent with the tale UFO’s exhausts burnt guy.

1967: October 4, Shag Harbour Nova Scotia UFO crash, object observed crashing into Shag Harbor adopted by way of Canadian naval seek; formally known as UFO crash.

1969: Jimmy Carter’s sighting, a UFO formally reported by way of a President.

1969: Neil Armstrong’s sighting, a UFO reported by way of an astronaut, he noticed two UFOs after the Apollo 11 landed at the moon.

1971: Delphos flooring hint, UFO left an difficult to understand influence.

1973: Pascagoula Abduction, a well-publicized alien abduction enjoy.

1974: Berwyn Mountain Incident, a sighting in United Kingdom taken to start with as a downed plane.

1975: Travis Walton abduction, a person went lacking for days—got here again with a tale of an abduction, wrote a guide which used to be tailored into a movie.

1977: Colares flap, a bewildering account of a Brazilian island swamped by way of destructive UFOs—35 injured, island evacuated.

1978: Valentich Disappearance, an Australian pilot reported a UFO to air visitors keep watch over ahead of vanishing and not using a hint.

1979: Marshall County incident, a sheriff noticed a unusual vibrant mild which turns out to have collided along with his car.

1980: Cash-Landrum incident, a strange sighting accompanied by way of accidents to a few witnesses.

1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident, a sighting in United Kingdom taken to start with as a downed plane.

1982: Baikonur Cosmodrome Raid, the launching website used to be quickly close down after having been supposedly raided and sabotaged by way of UFOs in June.

1985: Tbilisi-sighting, Soviet business airliners team and passengers noticed a atypical mild all over a flight from Tbilisi in Georgia to Tallinn in Estonia in January 1985.

1986: January 29th, Height 611 UFO Incident, a UFO crash declare in Dalnegorsk, USSR, adopted by way of a UFO touchdown declare in 1989.

1986: November 16th, Japan Air Lines Flight 1628, a gaggle of UFOs flew with Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 in northeastern Alaska for 50 mins.

1990: Belgian flap, a number of mass sightings of triangular UFOs—Belgian Air Force intercepted a radar-visual touch and launched pictures.

1990: Montréal, Québec, Canada UFO – November 7, 1990, More than 40 folks, together with policemen, apply a UFO for greater than three hours above a resort in downtown Montréal.

1996: Varginha incident, more than one sightings of atypical creatures in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

1997: Mexico City pictures.

1997: Phoenix, Arizona UFO incident, more than one UFO sightings of sluggish transferring lighting in formation over the Phoenix metro space.

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21st Century UFO sightings

2001: September 11, a UFO is allegedly filmed all over the 9/11 assaults in New York City. A small object may also be observed in the sky as the second one airplane hits the World Trade Center.

2004: Mexican air patrol sighting, a drug-smuggling air patrol recorded UFOs on infrared digicam, pictures launched by way of Jaime Maussan. Case debunked in July 2004 by way of Captain Alejandro Franz.

2005: April 27th, White House evacuated as UFO enters limited air house, after which disappears. It used to be defined as “most definitely a cloud or a number of birds.”

2005: UFOs are reported and photographed in the Kaufman, Texas space.

2006: Chris Shields in Arosa, Switzerland noticed an UFO at precisely three mins after the New Year. He explains that it used to be a inexperienced dot rotating in the sky.

2007: Airline pilots spot UFOs north east of the island of Guernsey.

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