Quetzalcoatl – The ‘White Alien God’ of Mesoamerica

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How did humanity surpass the test of time? Were we on our own, or were we rather helped by an advanced extraterrestrial race that gave us a decent kick-start?

According to numerous legends and accounts, the “white gods” once descended upon the Earth and offered humanity the means to develop and flourish.

Quetzalcoatl is considered to be one of the first “white gods” to have visited our planet. He was one of the most important deities of Mesoamerica ( stretching between present-day Mexico and Belize)and was also referred to asKukulkan” by the Mayans, Gucumatzby the Quichés of Guatemala, and Ehecatlby the Huastecs of the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Mesoamerican folklore, Quetzalcoatl is the one who created the world and all of mankind. He was regarded as the god of wind and rain, he’s credited with structuring art and culture and was looked upon as the organizer of society.

For peoples living in Central Mexico, Quetzalcoatl was the god of learning, agriculture, science, and arts; regarded as the patron god of merchants after discovering corn with the help of a giant red ant that led him to a mountain packed full of grain and seeds.

Various accounts immortalized him as the “God of Dawn,” an interpretation possibly denouncing his otherworldly origins.

Keep in mind that numerous Maya paintings, sculptures, inscriptions and some structures which arose during this period resemble modern spaceships from the 21st century. Other depictions of the gods present similarities with astronauts in spacesuits. mexico artefacts ufo ancient astronauts wsfmit It is believed that Quetzalcoatl burned himself and disappeared into the sky towards the planet identified today as Venus.

Could this be interpreted as an extraterrestrial being fulfilling its mission on Earth and then vanishing towards other planets in need of guidance?

The writer Robert Marx has written broadly about the concept of “white gods” after he reached the conclusion that they are present in almost every indigenous culture in America.

After his journey in South America, the British writer Harold Wilkins reached the same judgment – a vanished white race occupied all of South America in ancient times, helping the indigenous people cultivate food and build pyramids and other large structures that would otherwise be impossible to complete if we take into account what science says about the primitive techniques used by our forefathers.

He also claimed that Quetzalcoatl was from Atlantis, but no hard facts were presented in this case, only speculation. Proponents of the ancient astronauts theory claim that the “white gods” were actually extraterrestrial visitors.

Peter Kolosimo believed that the myths of Quetzalcoatl had a solid foundation. In fact, he asserted that legends actually describe an entire race of white men who were born in spaceships and migrated to Atlantis. After the city was destroyed by water, the remaining white men moved to the Americas where they were treated like “white gods” by the “primitive earth – dwellers.”

Another interesting theory is based on the writings of the Franciscan friar from the 16th century, Bernardino de Sahaguan, in which he describes the meeting between the Mexico emperor “Moctezuma the 2nd” and the Spanish captain “Hernan Cortes.”

When the Spanish conquistadors first reached the Americas, emperor Moctezuma thought the “white gods“ have returned from the east and presumed Captain Cortes was the god Quetzalcoatl, so he gifted the captain a mask representing the “Feathered Serpent,” a symbol of his supreme god.

The mask was carved from a single piece of cedarwood and covered with turquoise mosaic work. The teeth were made of a white clamshell.

The design consisted of two serpents green and blue, encircling the eyes and entangled over the nose and around the mouth.

According to Sahagun’s depiction, it was worn with a crown of dazzling green-blue shimmering feathers, possibly those of the quetzal, a tropical rain forest bird with iridescent green-blue plumage.

quetzalcoatl mask mlwybq
Quetzal mask symbolizing Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl is described as light-skinned, bearded and tall, with a serpent head cloaking its human appearance. The earliest surviving image of Quetzalcoatl comes from the Olmec civilization with a sculpture at La Venta of a beaked snake with a feather crest surrounded by two quetzal birds.

The earliest representations found in Mexico are at Teotihuacan, where sculptures of feathered snakes dating from the 3rd century CE were found. This is also the place where a six-tiered pyramid was raised to honor of the serpent god of knowledge.

The deity was often portrayed in architectural and sculptural decorations, appearing in other sites such as Xochivalco, but he was rarely represented in a human form before the late post classical period. Since 1200 C.E.,

Quetzalcoatl was usually depicted in its human form and mostly wore shell jewelry and a tapered hat. Representations of the god often have “wind jewelry” which is a cross section of a spiral shell worn as a pectoral and often wears a red mask like a goose’s beak with long canine teeth.

As time passes, we educate ourselves and realize that history is not always as we were taught. At our current level of understanding, we realize that some achievements of the past would have been impossible to accomplish without any external help, so the possibility of ancient astronauts visiting various places across the globe and contributing to their cultural advancement becomes a strong possibility.

Keep in mind that hundreds of elongated skulls were dug up in Paracas, the southern coast of Peru (old Inca empire).

DNA tests performed on one of the three skulls sent for analysis revealed it had European and Middle Eastern origins, along with “mutations unknown to any human, primate, or animal known so far.”

This discovery of the 2,000 years old skulls hints at a past where our forefathers had the possibility to travel to distant lands, not mentioning the anomalous features they possessed.

Could this prove that a direct extraterrestrial implication with the human race existed in the past? Were we genetically-engineer by an advanced race, or rather the ETs descended upon the Earth and gave us direct help while also having intercourse with other humans?

Whatever the case, it seems that time will solve this puzzle little by little, and we’ll eventually understand our purpose and place on this planet we call our home.

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