After he was alerted by repeated exclamations coming from nearby passengers, Nick O’Donoghue looked out the window and saw a strange silhouette hovering on top of a cloud, so he grabbed the phone and began taking pictures.

The strange appearance resembled the shape of a human being , and it was sitting on top of a nearby cloud. It appeared as if watching the plane fly by, and stood there untill the plane moved out of sight. After the images were made public, a heated debate started on the internet, as the opinions were split and varied.personal

It’s unwise to make pareidolia responsible for the stirring ‘cloud man’ because there’s a clear shadow visible that seems to be moving with the Sun. There were also numerous witnesses that saw the anomaly.

However, there were some skeptics claiming this to be simply the work of a photoshop, but such claims remain only speculative.

Nick O’Donoghue, one of the passengers that witnessed the event, took as many pictures as he could to show his friends who would otherwise call him a loon. He offered e a detailed report of what he saw to the Dailymail:

I was gazing out the window and was amazed to see a figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer, the bizarre shape of a human-like figure walking along the clouds appeared.

Despite the figure was a bit away in the distance, I was able to watch the shadow figure for about two minutes and took some images of the same phenomenon before the aircraft slowly passed it. To me. The shadow figure looks like a robot-like man or Michelin man, said Nick. But honestly I have no idea what it was, maybe it was just a rare cloud formation, he concluded.

So, is it possible that Nick immortalized a rare and at the same time unique sky phenomenon which occurred at over 30,000 feet above ground? Or did he rather witness an authentic ET/paranormal apparition?

According to various analysis, the cloud figure is likely to be a real appearance. It’s possible that the shadow is visible because of the unknown entity materializing above the clouds. It strongly resembles a human being standing with its hands inside the pockets of his coat. Although most of us realize that the brain can sometimes play tricks on us, it’s hard to think of this as a simple illusion, an isolated phenomenon or even pareidolia.

Because pictures were made from different angles, it reveals that the human silhouette is hovering atop the clouds for the entire time the plane passes by. Even more, its shadow remains present and appears to change position based on how the Sun’s ray fall, further indicating that it could be a materialized entity standing on top of the cloud.

So who/what can this mysterious shadowy figure be? Is it trying to send the airliner’s passengers a subtle message?

The shadowy man hovering over a cloud

Could it be an alien entity originating from within the Earth? Or maybe from outer space? There is proof revealing UFO activity above the clouds, and there are also the bizarre organic entities known to float at high altitudes known as Ebani or Zeroids.

So, with so many odd things happening above us, the possibility of otherworldly entities taking the shape of a human being, for whatever reasons, is fairly plausible.

Because most of these sightings are usually surprised from ground level, it’s extremely hard to see or interpret what they are doing up there. However, such appearances are seen on a daily basis, and there is no doubt that above the clouds is an intense activity of otherworldly phenomenon.

In this particular case, why it chose to reveal itself materialized as a member of our species remains a matter of interpretation, but thanks to the quick hands of the passengers, we may finally have a close-up view of these fantastic beings. Such captures will eventually help us understand their potential and the role they’re playing on this planet. Share the word and your thoughts on this.

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