Looking through the imagery of the Red Planet made available by NASA’s Curiosity rover, anomaly hunters have come across an unusual feature that stretches underneath the rigid martian terrain.

A medium-sized fissure has unveiled what appears to be the remnants of a martian structure. It would have easily passed as a natural formation if not for the straight lines and the complex pattern observed on what appears to be the last standing wall.

The strange martian structure is found between the edges of a crevice, indicating that it may have been brought to light due to a natural phenomenon such as a landslide or earthquake, while its straight lines reveals that it may have been the product of an artificial process, rather than a natural one.

Enhancing the image further reveals its intriguing features. It leaves the impression of a devastated house with a broken roof due to the slightly bent platform entering the left wall. The circular designs encapsulates a rich pattern interpreted by some Ufologists as a Chinese gong.

Enhanced photo of the alleged martian structure

A second hypothesis describes the peculiar martian feature as an artificial underground complex. It’s straight lines appear to form a thick wall that marks the boundaries of an entrance, possibly a stairway leading inside the inner facility.

The uncanny pattern has made other investigators think of a star gate, a portal between dimensions separating the realm of Mars from other distant places in the universe, Earth included. The transition between realms, as some have suggested, could be accomplished through such points that are often found on Earth. A renowned place is the “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca, Peru, a place known to the natives of the region as a “gateway to the land of the Gods.”

Were our forefathers knowledgeable enough to travel through these inter-dimensional doorways? Did those structures serve indeed the role of a portals between worlds? Since there is no palpable evidence other than the unusual pictures beamed back by Curiosity, we can only speculate on the nature and possible uses of this mysterious discovery, but evidence is stacking up in favor of the above hypothesis.

Dr. Brandenburg of the University of California with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics speaks in favor of a former martian civilization that was wiped out by a nuclear war. Proof of this remote event stand the samples of uranium and thorium reported on the surface of Mars, together with all the bizarre artifacts unearthed by anomaly hunters across the years. Could the bizarre martian structure be a reminder of this extraterrestrial civilization?

Other interesting news is that NASA has recently announced the existence of portals. They were dubbed ‘X Points,’ or ‘electron diffusion regions,’ and they appear to be popping all around Earth’s upper atmosphere, in high Earth orbit. Four satellites forming the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) were launched this year into high Earth orbit to thoroughly analyze and map this process.

According to researchers, these magnetic portals form a bridge between Earth’s magnetic field and that of the Sun, allowing particles to travel incommensurable distances from one side of the fence to the other. Scientist at NASA are now struggling to understand the mechanism behind these wormholes in order to one day send material objects through them.

Could those electromagnetic regions be in a way related to the unusual martian structure? Is it possible that places of power where portals are opening up exist throughout the cosmos? If so, were the ancients able to control these gateways so that they may freely travel throughout distant worlds?

Although NASA has made this image available, they are still covering up essential information in most cases and are only offering us a glimpse at their martian toll. If the space agency discovered relics of a long-lost civilization on Mars, they would probably keep such information for themselves for fear of mass hysteria.

How long will they hide from us this concealed reality? How many must awaken to put considerable pressure on these delicate matters?

Original NASA image, notice the martian structure to the upper left of the photo.

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