The Sun is arguably the least unexplored region in the solar system, and while there are plenty of telescopes pointed at it, there are still numerous phenomenon which receive an interpretation rather than a solid explanation.

Among the anomalies revolving our Sun are these mysterious objects of colossal proportions which are constantly surprised plunging into its scorching surface.

For over 20 years, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has been monitoring the strange activity happening near the Sun with the purpose to predict space weather – such as auroras and solar flares. During this time, thousands of objects of various sizes were seen reaching the Sun and then disappearing.

Mainstream science believes these energetic bodies are nothing but comets, or fragments that have broken loose from comets, but there are other reputed researchers who believe those are something far more complex than that. Let’s explore these possibilities and see which one fits best:

In 2016, SOHO spotted a grand object with a blazing trail that plunged directly into the Sun at a velocity of 373 miles per second (600 kilometers per second).

The object is known inside the scientific community as a Kreutz sungrazer, a fragmentary comet with an orbit that takes 800 years to complete. Many of these object were seen venturing into the Sun for the last two decades, and while most of them are small and hard to spot, some are truly colossal and fast, as the one featured in the above video.

But are these energetic objects actually comets? According to researchers pursuing alternative beliefs, mainstream science got this all wrong.

Nassim Haramein, a Swiss researcher known for his challenging theories, surmised that superior beings could be using our Sun as a doorway for interstellar travel. He believes that advanced alien ships are able to manipulate the extreme forces and processes occurring inside the sun to open wormholes that link our Solar System to distant or unreachable places in the universe.

While these may sound like empty words, Haramein’s theory is based on hard facts, and his allegations are nothing lower than what NASA and ESA scientists have suggested. His hypothesis is directly linked to the famous black spots that appear on the Sun’s surface which, according to Haramein, are nothing else but black holes.

Black holes on the Sun’s surface / NASA credits

Under the right conditions, these black holes could spin space-time in such a way that they form wormholes. Once these portals unfasten, they remain available for some time, allowing space travelers safe passage between distant places in the cosmos and even dimensions. Black holes are formed and maintained open by the Hawking radiation, a variation of electromagnetic radiation emitted close to a region of the black hole named the event horizon.

But, black holes are not limited to the Sun. According to Haramain’s research, these wormholes are present inside every celestial body where the conditions are accordingly. In his view, once a civilization reaches a certain level on the evolutionary scale, it could experience deep space travel using optimal resources.

If his hypothesis is correct, we should turn our eyes to our own planet and understand why such a high number of UFOs are seen entering active volcanoes. Due to the tremendous pressure, scorching heat and electromagnetism found within the planet that simulates conditions on the Sun’s surface, such advanced civilizations could profit to open doorways to other places and/or dimensions.

It remains unclear though if this is really the case, but NASA plans to shed light on this by launching their Solar Probe Plus mission aimed at literally touching the Sun. A spaceship will perform 24 orbits around the Sun, gathering exclusive insight before plunging into the Sun’s surface.

However, since this is a NASA mission, the real reasons could be veiled in secrecy. What is certain is that many anomalies occur regularly near our Sun, and the space agency is really keen to discover what is really happening there.

If they’ll let us know about it, we can only guess, but I believe that all the breakthrough discoveries are kept inside the agency, so assuming is among the only options that may lead to a grain of truth.

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