A disk-shaped object of considerable proportions has recently been observed on the martian surface.

According to some UFO enthusiasts, it looks intact and could maybe take-off if someone would recover it before the sand swallows it for eternity.

The UFO is estimated to be around 600 feet wide, it resembles a heart-shaped disk with a dome on top, and most important, it looks pretty much intact. So, if Earth’ superpowers would like to recover it, it would only be an extra addition to their collection of otherworldly spacecrafts captured or manufactured using reverse-engineering.

The alleged UFO left behind a slight trail indicating that it could have crash-landed there.

The long and turned landing tracks left behind from the craft show that the ship crash landed as gently as it could,” wrote UFO hunter Scott Waring on his blog.

The crash site is somewhere within the Medusae Fossae, a vast geological formation of unknown origins named after the mythical being Medusa from Greek folklore. The area stretches over 600 miles of martian terrain along the equator, and the windy atmospheric conditions have veiled it in a smooth coat of sand.

Having attached a size chart to it, the size of the UFO can be approximated. Since 1 pixel of the original photo is 9.4 feet, the alleged spacecraft should be about 600 feet across

The anomalous image had been returned by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) ever since the beginning of 2000. The image quickly made it in the spotlight as it differentiated itself from the rest of the imagery. It since intrigued Steve Wingate, one of NASA’s image specialists, who tried to bring this alleged UFO into the open, but apparently it never received the desired attention.

Wingate is the protagonist of another unusual discovery encountered when analyzing the images returned from the Apollo 16 mission. He immediately put into perspective more anomalies detected inside the Lobachevsky crater from the far side of the Moon.

The pictures encompassed various artificial-looking structures with different shapes. The features were identified by NASA as lava flow, but the observable shading suggests they may be something else.

While we may not receive a straight answer from any official authority in the near future, chances are that numerous celestial bodies found in Earth’s vicinity hide complex artifacts of unknown origins.

Those who seek comfort in rational explanations may hinder our quest for truth, but it won’t stop this alternative reality from spreading because human intuition is like a flashlight piercing through the darkness of space.

With this in mind, it remains only a matter of time until humans will reach the Moon and Mars and eventually point a high-res camera towards all these anomalies.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds. Official NASA image of the anomaly here

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