There are so many structures on Mars that it becomes hard not to believe in the existence of a former Martian civilization, as well as a remote race of  builders with advanced capabilities that have shaped the landscape on distinct celestial bodies in our Solar System.

Mars has always been a subject of intrigue and controversy. Every since Viking 1 had beamed back the first images of the dusty surface of our reddish neighbor in 1976, excitement and mystery had taken hold of all the parties analyzing the material.

And it was perfectly understandable, as some of the investigated imagery revealed anomalous areas hinting straight at a former Martian civilization that had thrived there, and had erected great monuments before their mysterious demise.

But, such a daring idea of a Martian civilization wiped out in remote times was a great threat to the established paradigm, and although empirical photographic evidence existed, governmental groups started normalizing the finds by treating them as naturally-occurring land formations.

However, the images speak for themselves, and even the untrained eye can spot the huge resemblance between the ruins on Mars and some monuments on Earth.

Now, when you first hear about Martian structures, your first thought probably goes to the “Face on Mars,” and the “City of Pyramids” of the Cydonia region, or probably to the bizarre monoliths present on both Mars and its moon Phobos. But, there are many other anomalies kept latent under a veil of silence.

The Face and the “City of pyramids”, photographed by VIKING 1 on July 25, 1976.

You can see the face to the upper-right corner, what has been dubbed “The Fortress” is standing just on top of the pyramid complex to the left, and the piece de resistance, the D&M Pyramid to the right, a bilaterally-symmetric, five-sided pyramid.

This entire picture is crowded with alleged structures and monuments, and it comes hard not to acknowledge the similarity to our earthly constructs. If you’re still unconvinced and believe this is just the effect of pareidolia or a vivid imagination, you might want to look at another presumed pyramid complex in the Elysium region of Mars.

There are just so many straight lines out there to blame it on the Martian climate, and since we can make a connection with the pyramids found on our planet, which by the way, are scattered throughout the entire world, the ensemble image of a former advanced civilization on Mars slowly takes shape.

Of course, these are but some of the examples of Mars’ unusual landscape. At this point, one may wonder if the Martians had only built pyramids and other monuments of considerable proportions, and the truth is they haven’t done just that.

Across the Red Planet’s arid terrain, there are numerous traces of former settlements. It’s hard to interpret them otherwise if you are at least familiar with aerial photography and geoglyphs. During my conversation with an architect, I’ve pointed towards the pyramids on Mars as definitive proof of structures, but he immediately confronted me with what, in his acceptance, is the best proof of former Martian habitation.

The “Inca City” as it had been dubbed, is an unusual formation that had been featured in various scientific reports ever since its discovery in 1972.

The pattern comprised of straight lines closing in on each other give the impression of a veritable settlement. There’s clear delimitation between buildings, and the architecture is alike known Inca sites on our planet.

This further consolidates the idea of a former Martian civilization, while at the same time deepening the riddle of humanity’s ancient origins. And the list of anomalies goes on:

This unusual T-shaped feature is too impressive to be deemed a natural formation. Its unique shape had earned it the title of “the Great Hammer of Mars.” The feature found in the Ken Lima region has caused excitement among researchers, and it had been published and debated on several websites.

Another area showing similar structures and what appears to be the remnants of yet another ancient city.

A detail part of a strange system of lines, rectangles and square yards like an ancient city. The image shows the area south of the Utopia Face (arrow)

And let’s not forget of these curious mounds or “Tolus” that have been towering in the vicinity of the Martian face, just a bit due East. The formation to the right is a distinct one, surprised by the spacecraft 2001 Mars Oddyssey.

The “Mound” or “Tolus”, East of the Face in Cydonia, photographed by the MGS and another “circular mound” in an image of 2001 MARS ODYSSEY.

They could both be burial places of great Martian rulers, but they could also constitute the ruins of watchtowers, or some kind of structures erected vertically. The round foundation and the circular design that’s shrinking as it goes upwards hints just at that.

These are but a few of the formations on Mars bearing striking resemblance to structures and ancient sites here on Earth. It also appears that government institutions and powerful private sectors are well-aware of these ruins on Mars, but they prefer keeping their lips zipped tight for understandable reasons.

Although countless scientists have come forward to discuss this possibility based on palpable evidence, it wasn’t enough for the general public to wake up and realize that our ancestry is rooted far beyond our modern understanding, and could stretch all across the Solar System, and even beyond.

A report from the “National Enquirer” of October 25, 1977 about an “Ancient City on Mars” which scientists called “Inca City”

But, in spite of an official explanation, truth seekers have sought to piece this complex puzzle together. We are now approaching the end line, and the results are bewildering. Here are some of the ideas coined so far:

Pyramids are universal. They are ancient riddles left behind by our forefathers with a role that hasn’t been fully cracked by our modern-day understanding. Based on recent discoveries, pyramids could have formed an interplanetary communication system using ‘scalar waves’ described by Tesla. These monuments are scattered on other planetary bodies across the Solar System. Who built them is still an enigma, and these long-forgotten builders were extremely advanced, but in a way different than how we perceive “advancement” today.

There was a great war on Mars in remote times, and some of the inhabitants with the means to transit through space have fled, while others have remained trapped on the surface and have taken shelter underground. This was discovered decades ago, and black-budget programs are believed to have been launched in order to harvest the knowledge and technology left by the builders. There are some reports coming from individuals with various backgrounds that confirm just that.

NASA has been invoking a noble purpose to not publicly announce these Martian discoveries, namely the chaos that could arise after such a colossal disclosure that would shatter all established values. However, it’s our right to learn about our true origins, and the silence only hints that NASA and other similar organizations are only doing the bidding of a greater agenda.

The future will surely hold some answers, but it’s essential to learn them now before the human race will (once again) be subject to extinction. Will you help us spread this knowledge?


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