Russians Uncover Secrets of The Pyramids. Here is What They Have Found:

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Increased regeneration, power shields, and coverage in opposition to viruses and micro organism are only some of the benevolent results pyramids have been discovered to own, in line with this analysis performed by means of the Russians. Pyramids proceed to intrigue us lately as they did in precedent days.

These megalithic constructions are discovered all around the globe, and no longer best in Egypt, as some folks would imagine. Most pyramids are present in South America, however there also are pyramids in Asia, North America, Europe, portions of Africa instead of Egypt, and likewise Russia.

Many of those constructions have no longer been known by means of modern day students as pyramids since the interpretation of the period of time after they have been constructed, in addition to who constructed them, is wrong.

The approved idea that the Great pyramid have been erected about 4,500 years in the past throughout the fourth dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs has been topic of debate ever since its enactment, since the introduced evidence is debatable to mention the least.

Contrary to the average trust that pyramids served the function of burial puts for historic rulers, many researchers have put ahead proof proving that those mysterious constructions served extra advanced roles than up to now concept.

Furthermore, the truth that pyramids are unfold all around the planet and proportion such a lot of similarities obviously counsel that our historic forefathers exchanged wisdom on a world scale, with the pyramid final the middle piece.
world pyramids
This interconnection shows that pyramids could have been built much earlier than what mainstream science keeps pushing us into believing.

Now, if we reference only to the pyramids found in Africa, where the climate is dry, and the land is lacking vegetation, we’ll expect to find the same level of details on every pyramid.

However, the passing of time stacks up layers of sediment, enveloping everything, be it natural or artificial, in a thick coat of dirt and vegetation, thus hiding all its features.

To understand this process better, and how it affected ancient constructions, have a look at the pyramid megacomplex in Bosnia, also these pyramids from North America, the pyramid in Romania, and the ones from Russia.

Note that because they resemble mountains/hills, they are deemed by mainstream scholars as nothing more than natural formations.

But is this really the case? Since pyramids are so enigmatic and are spread all across the globe, extensive research was done by various parties in order to understand what is so special about these megalithic structures.

The Russians were among the first to exert interest towards pyramids. Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets is a well known researcher from the Institute of Physics in Ukraine with over a decade of pyramid research under his belt.

Because of his outstanding results, the Russian government had built a 144 feet pyramid just 1,200 feet (38 km) outside the capital Moscow to honor his work.
russian pyramid moscow
Other pyramids were built across some other areas of Russia to serve different purposes. The main materials used in the construction of the megalithic structures were iron and fiberglass.

Some of the effects the pyramids had seem hard to believe, but for the Russian government this is as legit as it gets.

Let’s highlight some of their finds; Some of the pyramids placed on oil fields made the extracted oil 25 percent purer, also the oil well 25 percent more productive. Poisonous substances under the pyramid became obsolete and would no longer cause harm when in contact with organic materials.

Some diseases would cure under the energetic effect within the pyramid. One experiment had mice injected with Salmonella, and were then put inside the pyramid.

Only 6 percent of them died because of the lethal toxin, compared to 60 percent when they were just kept inside their lab cages.

Before sowing tens of thousands of hectare of land with 20 types of seeds, they were previously stored inside the pyramid.

When it was time to harvest the crops, researchers reported a 20 to 100 percent growth compared to crops where seeds were not exposed to the pyramid effect.

Other reports even speak of a 400 percent increase in yield. Pyramids mitigate earthquakes by dissipating the area of effect and intensity, seemingly breaking the main earthquake into smaller tremors.

Spiraling energy has been detected at the top of the pyramid. Russians can measure this kind of energy, which is not electromagnetic energy, but pure zero-point energy described by Nikola Tesla.

Known as torsion field, or scalar waves, this form of energy can be used for communication, energy, and other applications. It has also been noted that big storm fronts are deflected upon contact with the torsion field.

The Russians charged 5,000 slabs of granite and built cells for inmates with aggressive behavior, and without any extra medication, they showed an improved attitude and behavior, including a decrease in alcohol and drug addictions.

Immune system of living organisms received a boost, also the ability of the body to regenerate faster. Improved regeneration of tissue was also an effect of the pyramid.

All across the pyramid, and up to 93 miles high, the air ionization was much more intense, meaning that air molecules were electrically charged.

Food stored inside the pyramid remained fresh for 2-3 times as long as food kept inside a regular container.

Taste additives inside the food started loosing taste, while the natural taste intensified.

Some of these effects may sound bewildering, and would make one ask why there are no pyramids in everyone’s backyard. Well, people do have this kind of stuff, such is the case of this Mexican farmer who placed a 22-foot tall Aztec pyramid on his property after an alien had recommended this to him about 30 years ago.

The communist ruler Ceausescu was also a fan of pyramids. During the 80s, he authorized the construction of a pyramid similar to that of the Russians to see if it indeed yielded the proclaimed effects.
arges romania pyramid
One of Ceausescu’s pyramids, now lying in ruins. People working within the iron-glass pyramid reported feeling better, some even claimed to have healed diseases, while other infertile women reported having a baby after spending time inside the pyramid. Other recorded results saw an outstanding growth in plants and the purification of tap water.

Although some of the miraculous effects could be due to auto-suggestion or even placebo effect, most of them are recognized on a global level and are proven through hard and soft data.

If you want to find out more about this topic, make sure you grab this book entitled ‘The Great Pyramid Decoded’ by Peter Lemesurier, or have a look at the explanations put forward by David Wilcock in the video below.

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