Antarctica—A Tropical Paradise Well Known to Our Long-Forgotten Ancestors With Advanced Capabilities

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Evidence of our complicated forefathers is in every single place, however it’s scattered and doesn’t shape an ensemble image. To be told extra about them, we should first take a look on the southernmost continent of Antarctica. There is mounting proof of civilizations with complicated features that might shuttle all the globe within the far away previous. As historical past is being decoded, we find that our “primitive forefathers” had the luxurious to set sail all around the globe, experience freedom in its personal proper, and above all, their deeds outscored a lot of what we’ve completed the use of modern day tactics. These long-forgotten peoples now not simplest possessed complicated wisdom and generation, however in addition they lived in an international other than that pictured through historical past these days.

With the ice sheet of Antarctica getting thinner through the 12 months, quite a few extraordinary formations have made it out to gentle. Sheer mountains with absolute best symmetry that strongly resemble pyramids have shook off the dense layer of snow and are actually hinting at a far off Antarctic previous the place long-forgotten peoples roamed all over the place this now-desolate area, and allegedly had loose get admission to to shuttle all the planet, from one pole to the opposite. But this presumed archaic global depended on a unique set of equipment and figuring out of its environment, as you might be about to see within the following traces.

First off, let’s construct a greater figuring out of this southernmost continent. A colossal ice sheet spanning over 14 million sq. kilometers covers 98% of its floor. To get a greater image, if you are taking Antarctica and position it at the map over North America, it is going to stretch all of the means from the southernmost tip of Texas to the northernmost islands of Canada. The large layer of ice is estimated to be round 2.eight miles thick in some spaces, whilst the common temperatures of -55*C are keeping this position, whilst additionally holding many of the residing beings out.
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With Antarctica being the sector’s simplest utterly uninhabited continent, it looks like there may be not anything to see there instead of the howling wind that’s selecting at your frame and face, and a couple of penguins to heat your middle. But, is it in point of fact as desolate there as they would wish us to consider? Or is there extra to it than meets the attention? It is price bringing up that the Antarctic used to be simplest found out in 1911, when the Norwegians in spite of everything reached the South Pole after a battering race with the Brits. Beforehand, Captain James Cook and his group had controlled to achieve the outskirts of this mysterious continent in 1773, after they found out its within sight islands, however by no means made it to the true landmass. It is now approved that the South Pole had slightly been reached firstly of the 20th century, and it used to be named Ant-arctic-a due to the former discovery of the North Pole with its Arctic area. Lack of creativeness? After the Europeans reached this historical and frozen land, quite a lot of expeditions have been despatched to scout the world for sources. It is not any hidden indisputable fact that the Nazis had a willing passion within the frozen barren region, additionally the Americans below the steering of Admiral Byrd, and lots of different teams and organizations during the years and till these days. I’m now not going to pass into information about the name of the game bases that possibly nonetheless conceal available in the market, however I’ll indicate any other intriguing facets.

After completely inspecting the Antarctic floor, researchers have concluded that this desolate continent used to be as soon as a tropical paradise. It integrated the whole thing from sunny seashores, heat waters, to a lush setting that coated all of the valleys and mountains. In the far away previous, Antarctica used to be the very best position to be round when you have been an natural being depending on heat and different stimuli.
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Where did all this large ice sheet come from?

However, modern-day science as soon as once more spoils the joys through announcing that one of these length befell tens of tens of millions of years in the past, and almost certainly simplest bushy mammals and different natural world were given the danger to make it out on this tropical paradise. For us people, it stays what it’s these days, a frozen barren region crammed at the margins with penguins and different marine existence. Now, this is the place issues transform in point of fact fascinating.

Not way back, historians found out two vintage maps that disclose the Antarctic area whilst ice-free. One of the maps – that of Piri Reis, who used to be a famend Turkish admiral from the 16th century, displays a portion of Antarctica recognized these days as Queen Mauls Land utterly ice-free; The different map – Oronteus Finaeucs, finds all the continent with out ice. But how is that even imaginable if Antarctica used to be simply found out a century in the past? And extra importantly, why is there no ice about?

To transparent this out, let’s take a look on the first report. The map of Piri Reis used to be found out in 1929, it used to be drawn at the pores and skin of a gazelle, and research printed that this is a authentic report drawn through Piri Reis’ subordinates in 1513. The admiral used to be an esteemed military officer that loved the privilege of getting get admission to to nice puts of information. on account of his Turkish origins, where with maximum sources used to be the Imperial Library of Constantinople.
Part of Piri Reis to the left, a part of Oronteus Finaeus map to the proper, each appearing Antarctica ice-free plus longitudinal traces. In his sailors logbook is discussed that the map used to be compiled from a lot of different supply maps, a few of them from as early because the fourth century BC, and even previous. While some charts have been drawn through sailors fresh to the admiral, others have been gather from the Royal Library of Alexandria, an important library of precedent days. Apparently, after its destruction, copies of paperwork in conjunction with some authentic supply charts have been taken to different necessary cultural facilities, amongst them being Constantinople.

The wisdom remained locked away till 1204, the 12 months of the fourth campaign. When the Venetians besieged Constantinople, an abundance of tomes and maps have been snitched from the imperial Turkish library an fell into the fingers of European sailors. Although many of the maps have been of the Mediterranean and Black sea, there have been others of the Americas, of the Arctic and the Antarctic Oceans. So, how can this be imaginable if the Antarctic landmass used to be simplest found out within the 20th century? Dr. Charles Hapgood, in his e-book “Maps of the Ancient Sea kings”, gives related perception about theses paradigm-contradicting info: “It seems that correct knowledge has been handed down from other folks to other folks. It seems that the charts should have originated with a other folks unknown and so they have been handed on, most likely through the Minoans and the Phoenicians, who have been, for one thousand years and extra, the best sailors of the traditional global. We have proof that they have been gathered and studied within the nice library of Alexandria and the compilations of them have been made through the geographers who labored there…

It turns into transparent that the traditional voyagers traveled from pole to pole. Unbelievable as it will seem, the proof nonetheless signifies that some historical other folks explored Antarctic when its coasts have been freed from ice. It is obvious too, that they’d an software of navigation for correctly figuring out the longitudes that used to be a long way awesome to the rest possessed through the peoples of historical, medieval or fashionable occasions till the second one part of the 18th century” While the reputable science means that the ice shelf that stretches over Antarctica is tens of millions of years outdated, the Piri Reis map utterly debunks this speculation, because the northern a part of the continent were mapped sooner than there used to be any ice protecting it. This way two issues: both human beings with complicated charting features existed tens of millions years in the past, which comes out of the query in accordance to our recently approved paradigm; both the map were drawn hundreds, if now not tens of hundreds of years in the past, when people nonetheless used complicated mapping tactics.
Taking into consideration the second one speculation, it additionally contradicts with what modern day science has to say in regards to the first recognized civilization – the Sumerians. From what it’s recognized, they gave the impression briskly in a space from the mid-east some 6,000 years in the past, however possess no nautical or maritime abilities. Interesting sufficient, they do discuss of the traditional individuals who they handled as “gods” due to their atypical features, and are referred to because the Anunnaki.

If we have a look at newer research of the Antarctic, we will see that the closing ice-free length within the space is estimated to have ended roughly 6,000 years in the past, which means that some historical sailors should have mapped the area previously. With this in thoughts, it sounds as if that way back to 4,000 BC, in all probability even previous, complicated maps of the sector existed.

These paperwork have been later collected for safekeeping throughout the Library of Alexandria, indicating additionally that historical Egyptian students have been finding out those timeworn heritages. With the destruction of this famend cultural middle, just a handful of tomes escaped the town, and the information is now scattered and scarce. Fortunately, items of the puzzle are coming again in combination all over again.

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