The Free Energy Technology The Government Has Been Keeping Under The Lid

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The rediscovery of vital cosmic energy and the technology to harness and channel it was about to innovate the field of medicine forever.

However, the discoverer, a notable Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst, was sentenced to jail and had all his research destroyed by the government in an attempt to suppress this forbidden knowledge.

I first encountered the term Orgonomy as I was researching into psychic healing – a widespread, global practice relying on energy transfer for curing various aspects of the mind and body.

Little did I know about how much useful knowledge I would garner from approaching this subject.

The main idea behind the psychic healing practice is that healers create a channel between them and the healee (the person being healed) through which they transfer vital energy and information.

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Although modern science has only recently begun paying more attention to this ancient practice, its benefits and the energy used in the process have been known for millennia.

In ancient India, it was known as Prana, the Chinese called it Chi, and the Jews referred to it as Yesod or Astral Light.

The same concept was later depicted by Christians as a glowing aura enveloping the head or body of holy figures, including Jesus.

Pythagoras, the renowned Greek philosopher, also described this energy as a luminous substance with the potential to produce various effects on the human organism.

In a nutshell, the energy in question is something universally described as “vital energy.”

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It boasts potent healing effects like stress reduction, tissue regeneration, and even incredible ones like cancer treatment and enhanced growth for all biological lifeforms exposed to this vital energy.

Of course, all this beneficial and even “miraculous” potential raises some eyebrows as to why modern medicine hasn’t brought this matter into the spotlight.

Could it be that these are all bogus claims that only seek to trick the mind into believing something that is not so?

Various researchers in modern and post-modern times have tried to get to the bottom of this question.

During the 18th century, German doctor Franz Anton Mesmer theorized the existence of a natural energy transfer taking place between all animate and inanimate objects. He called it “animal magnetism” and though of it as a “magnetic fluid.”

Inspired by Mesmer’s work, Dr. Carl Ludwig von Reichenbach, a reputed chemist, geologist and naturalist, member of Prussian Academy of Sciences, coined the term “Odic force” to describe this form of energy.

Reichenbach extrapolated that Mesmer’s “animal magnetism” was not an electromagnetic force that springs from Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Instead, he concluded that it stems from most substances and is like a “life principle” which permeates and connects all living things. In other words, it’s life’s fundamental energy.


And this is exactly what the Chinese came to understand after studying the Chi Gong masters.

The same conclusion was reached by many other researchers over the years.

But the one who delved deeper into the fabric of this lifeforce and was able to capture and experiment with it was Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a notable Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst.

In 1940, after relocating to New York to escape the Nazi, he came out with the term “orgone” to describe this biological energy with “miraculous” properties.

Many biologists (Burr among them) have demonstrated the existence of an energy field surrounding living cells and multicellular organisms, outside the material boundary of the organism itself. It is considered to be an electromagnetic field.”

In orgone physics, however, we contend that this field of energy surrounding the organism has nothing to do with electromagnetism and is in reality an orgone energy field, i.e., a field of specific biological energy.”

It functions at a distance, without the need of material contact between the body surfaces of the organism…its area of radiation varies considerably from individual to individual, from as little as a few centimeters to as much as four meters…”

Reich then built a device called the orgone accumulator and used it to cure his patients of various diseases and conditions.

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In 1947, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a ban on all orgone-related devices and documentation on the premises that Reich and his associates were operating a “fraud of the first magnitude.”

For the accusers, the simplicity of design and composition of Reich’s orgone accumulators made them assert all documented effects on behalf of placebo.

Reich soon realized, ironically, that “it seems implausible that one can derive any beneficial effect from sitting in an unimpressive-looking cabinet, simply constructed with outer walls of organic material and inner ones of metal, that is designed to absorb orgone energy from the air…”

Despite the restraining order, he couldn’t pull back from his work, especially after seeing a plethora of promising results from his orgone energy collectors, so he carried on with his experiments in seclusion.

In 1956, Reich was found guilty of disobedience and was sentenced to two years in prison.

During this time, the government seized over six tons of his publications and research and burned them all in an effort to suppress this “fraudulent knowledge” that challenged the root of common understanding.

One year later, Reich dies of heart failure within the confines of his cell, just a few days before he was about to apply for parole.

Today, Orgonomy science has seen a surge in popularity as researchers have obtained measurable results that correspond to Reich’s early findings.

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The medical applications of Orgonomy originate from natural healing processes linked to the cosmic vital energy that Reich dubbed orgone energy.

The device he conceived – the “orgone energy accumulator,” was used to harness and store this biological energy before using it on patients suffering from various ailments.

It bore the same principles as psychic healing, but with a more modern feel where the human channeler is replaced by the channeling device.

Both Reich and the ancient practice of psychic healing teach us that at the root of most diseases stands an energy imbalance. Through the orgone energy, the order inside your body and mind is reestablished.

When exposed to this transfer of energy, your body temperature increases slightly. This is your immune system’s reaction to fighting parasites and bacteria inside your body. (study)

Let’s have a look at the alleged effects and see why the FDA had a real interest in eradicating Reich’s research.

As I previously mentioned, it boasts potent healing effects such as stress reduction, tissue regeneration, curing of cancer, and others such as weather manipulation, enhanced growth.

  • This research paper details how, after exposing mice with cancerous tumors to the orgone energy, their disease started pulling back and their lifespan increased.

The only controlled studies were of the treatment of mammary cancer in mice. Of these four studies, there was statistically significant prolongation of life in three of the studies and near significant prolongation of life in one of the studies,” the paper notes.

In the single study where autopsy was obtained, the internal organs of the treated mice were found to be remarkably ‘clean’ and intact compared to the degenerative state of the organs of untreated mice,” the paper concludes

  • Another research paper notes that plants treated under the orgone accumulator saw an exponential increase in size.

Studies on plant-growth stimulation were also replicated by DeMeo in a 3-year study showing a 35% increase in the growth of ORAC treated mung-bean sprouts over controls sprouted in a control enclosure.”

And the same research paper asserts that “currently there’s a growing interest in the ORAC (orgone accumulator) for treatments of various disease conditions in the EU, and ‘orgone accumulator therapy’ is frequently a part of ‘Energy Medicine’ curriculum in teaching hospitals, alongside acupuncture and homeopathy,” and that “several new books have been published on the clinical applications of the orgone energy accumulator.”

It appears that humanity is taking an important leap in perception and understanding.

consciousness shift wide

With this new attitude towards alternative sciences, a vastly unexplored healing potential is being unlocked.

In my quest to learn more about this “vital cosmic energy,” I decided to look for testimonials of people who have been exposed to some form of orgone energy devices.

Here are some of the reports I came across:

  • Allergies were eradicated, calmness instilled, babies became more lively and obedient, while some people allegedly experienced stress relief and improved quality of sleep.
  • More people have reported something called “euphoric rain” – when rain falls from a cloudless sky.
  • One woman reportedly lost the constant high pitch frequency sound she was hearing all the time.
  • Another woman gave birth naturally without experiencing much pain.

All these reports come from people who have been sitting under an “orgone bubble” which they created using orgone devices.

This paper outlines some of the properties of the orgone bubble.

  • Cancels all vibrations (works well against bad vibrations in your area)
  • Converts bad 3d radiation into 2d euphoric orgone energy
  • Amplifies your intentions and manifests them
  • One woman’s house was allegedly shielded by the horrendous wildfires that have swept through California in 2018.

Although some of these claims should be taken with a grain of salt, keep in mind that most of them are backed by measurable results.

If it’s really true and orgone devices can generate a protective shield of energy, manifest your intentions, cure various ailments, as well as manipulate the weather, then it’s understandable why the FDA banned and stained the reputation of this still-experimental technology.

And there’s this one more thing about weather manipulation.

You heard that right! People have been taking out to the streets with their orgone devices and have managed to “summon” rain, clear the clouds above, and even…bust chemtrails?

More information on this topic is coming soon.

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