NZ teenager films a second appearance of the bizarre ring-shaped UFO seen last year across Washington sky.

Footage shot by a teenager from Marlborough, New Zealand, reveals a bizarre ring-shaped UFO in the night sky. The object was spinning as it was hovering over the town of Blenheim and would have easily been confused for Venus if not for the round gap in the middle.

It appeared at about 9:20 pm on a Wednesday as the witness was visiting his friend’s house. The sighting caught the attention of the entire family who had watched it in bewilderment for another 40 minutes until clouds came over and covered it.

I’m not sure what it is but it’s not a plane, it’s not a star, and not a satellite,” the teenager Josh said in a press release. “I’ve got no idea what else it could be, but it was quite cool to watch.”

The teenager added that a lightning storm has begun soon after the end of this event. Could these two aspects be interconnected? And most importantly, what could this mysterious doughnut-shaped UFO actually be?

While everyone was looking for a rational explanation to debunk this sighting (such as an aircraft or an out of focus Venus,) I discovered a few connections that appear to be out of this world.

First off, this new type of UFO is familiar to me and other people who claim to have spotted it before. It lit up throughout different locations across the globe, with the most famous case probably being the sighting over Olympia, Washington from 2016.

Sighting from Olympia, Washington in 2016. See the resemblance?

Last year on the night of May 26th, a man was surprised by the same ring-shaped spinning object. In his case however, the UFO displayed shapes, patterns and colors on the night sky. It lasted for about 2 hours before disappearing up into the sky.

It displayed so many colors I immediately knew it wasn’t a plane. In my robe and barefooted I walked into the grassy field beside my back yard and started shooting video,” the witness D.M said in an interview. “It was displaying images or manifesting something. It became every shape I’ve ever seen.”

D.M. estimated the UFO was about 1,000 feet from ground level, with a diameter of approximately 100 feet. He recorded the entire sighting using his iPhone (if you’re about to complain about the quality) and took as many pictures as he could. The even literally changed this man’s life. You can find other images on his channel.

The human-looking faces could be interpreted as an effect of pareidolia, but that sounds reasonable only if you want to lie to yourself. The plethora of shapes and colors seen in these images could be a form of holographic projection used by the UFO. Were the graphic images used as a means to communicate? Or rather for boasting their superior capabilities? If so, who was their audience?

Leaving those questions aside, I’ve come across some interesting details. Notice how in the footage from NZ the ring-shaped object shrinks and turns into a bright sphere? It appears that this revolutionary concept is not foreign for us humans.

To be more precise, it appears like the UFO behaves similar to a torus – a geometric term referring to a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three—dimensional space about an axis co-planar with the circle. The term is described below.

A torus is the product of two circles forming a 3d model similar to how the UFO behaves.

With this in mind, the above sighting could either be some form of extraterrestrial intelligence that’s displaying its capabilities for some unknown reasons, or it could be a secret prototype used by the military. However, none of the above hypothesis explain why it manifests close to populated areas and also why they care so little about being seen.

Disclosure time might be ringing at our doors, so we better tighten our seatbelts for when it comes. That, or maybe Project Blue Beam is on the bucket list of our governments and we might be witnessing a complete reality shift in the near future.

Whatever the case, the teenager from NZ who had witnessed the second event was sure to put it right – “it was quite cool to watch.”

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