Evidence of possible extraterrestrial contact was found keyed on the walls of a remote cave in India, as well as other places across the world.

The unusual carvings depict featureless humanoids that strongly resemble alien beings, or rather an image of ETs coined by the Western world.

Found in the tribal Bastar region of India, the odd-looking rock paintings which have been found to date back 10,000 years have intrigued historians and archaeologists worldwide, and a thorough analysis of all the cave carvings is now expected to be performed by NASA and ISRO specialists.

According to JR Bhagat, one of the leading archaeologists, these paintings could represent conclusive evidence of otherworldly visitors and visitations.

Another hypothesis is that whoever made those paintings have imagined the beings instead of carving them as a result of direct contact, but it’s rather unlikely since local groups in the region still venerate these depictions.

The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers,” explains Bhagat. “Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn’t have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject.”

NASA experts were called to the scene, but we know by now that we cannot expect a straight answer from them, so we better focus our attention on what the nearby villagers have to say about this:

According to various local beliefs that have been passed down one generation after another, there used to be a time when their ancestors were greeted by “the rohela people,” or “the small ones,” described as tiny humanoids that had descended from above in their round shields in remote times.

Once they had established contact, they have made a bargain which allowed the rohela people to take one or two willing individuals with them, in exchange for knowledge that would help the community persevere. Few of the locals worship these paintings even today, as they had meant a great deal to their forefathers.

Despite the passing of so many years, the paintings have remained mostly intact and vivid. The images look straight from a Bollywood basement, with strange humanoids wearing protective costumes and strange weapon-like items. Another painting shows what strongly resembles a flying device with antennas beaming some sort of wave.

The paintings are done in natural colors that have hardly faded despite the years,” Bhagat.asserted “The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Specially, the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can’t refute the possibility of imagination by prehistoric men, but humans usually fancy such things,” he concluded.

But is this complex work of cave-art really the product of imaginative minds of the ancients? Or were they rather made as a result of direct ET contact?

From what we know, this case in India is not an isolated case, not by far. Many such carvings depicting what we believe are alien beings were found across the entire globe.

This cave painting from Vel Cannonica, Italy, dated to circa 10,000 BC, appears to depict two beings in protective suits holding strange implements. They are once again featureless, and can be distinguished from the other beings with human features standing on the sides.

Carving from 10,000 BC from Val Camonica, Italy

Sahara rock carvings are also renowned for their bizarre depictions of alleged alien beings and flying discs. Central Sahara Desert encompasses over three thousand sites with intricate cave art, making for a formidable open-air museum with cryptic representations of creatures and objects of old that today can be interpreted as otherworldly.

And let’s not forget the Native Americans and their thousands of years old representations of flying saucers. The image below from the American Southwest displays two objects that have allegedly collided high in the sky, with one ending up crash-landing in the area of Death Valley.

According to Indian folklore, another craft arrived at the scene not long after the incident, and humanoids in strange suits came out and repaired the impaired craft. The event was immortalized on the cave walls, and now stands as an extra reminder of ancient alien visitations.

The images are stills taken from an old TV series entitled “In search of…” hosted by Leonard Nimoy

These are but a few of the many carvings and artifacts insistently pointing at aliens of old that had visited this planet. Although mainstream scholars are constrained to admit this reality, we strongly believe the evidence scattered across the entire world is more than sufficient to prove this true.

What do you think to be the case? Are extraterrestrials visiting our planet ever since remote times? Are they visiting us even now?

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