Argentina: A “Triangle” in the Western Corridor

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Argentina: A “Triangle” in the Western Corridor
By Luis Burgos – Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía


Report No. 204 of the impressive and forecasted 2018 UFO Wave emanates from the segment of Argentina that has the **maximum apparitions of triangular flying items** – The Western Buenos Aires Corridor, the identify I bestowed upon that digital strip of land round 2008 because of the consistent cloud of news won, a few of which return to the early days of ufology in the 1950s and 1960s.

In this example, the witnesses had been two sisters surnamed Alvarez, ages 13 and 17 respectively. They had been in the yard in their house in San Antonio de Padua, between the Morón and Merlo air bases. At 22:30 hours final Friday, 14 December, they had been startled by way of the sight of a “TRIANGULAR object, with grey-colored tips about its vertexes, however no longer illuminated.” The mysterious object flew in a Northwest-Southwest course with out making any noise by any means. It used to be flying at usual pace and at a vital elevation, which means that its measurement should were really extensive. They mentioned it straight away with their father, who contacted us a number of hours later.

(NOTE: The triangular object picture is for illustrative functions handiest. Witnesses took no pictures)

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