Anunnaki DNA Activation (mp3 audio)

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Channeled by Lord Enki:

I have been with you since the first human memory was created. I was the first male face that the first human saw. Ninmah was the first heartbeat that a human being ever heard. And we were the first Mother and Father that the first human child ever knew. I am Father Enki and you are my children.

Whether you came from the Anunnaki godlines or the bloodlines of other species, you are still my children. I am the first Master Alchemist who gave humanity the gift of life. I am the first Great Architect who designed you, and you are beautiful, each and everyone one of you and so, so precious to me and your ancestors.

During the times of Earth changes and the wars that were made to control you, many of you have forgotten who you are and where you came from. Many of you have forgotten that you are of royal and godly blood and now I am telling you through Inanna’s representative on Earth, that you are indeed all gods.

When the Tablets of Wisdom was passed on to Inanna, she became your Mother, for she taught you the ways of the gods and the paths of civilization. It is only right that she should deliver this DNA activation to you, to help you reconnect with your ancestors and to regain your right to sit on your own throne in your own land.

Many of you may disagree with war and so do we, even though we are known to be a warrior race. What you should also know is that we are creators and that any war we have fought to keep you safe was worth it.

Please read the origins of humanity given to Esophoria by my beloved son, Marduk: The Human Origins.

I will tell you about this DNA Activation. It is a gift of remembrance. It is a gift of wholeness and your right to take your place as a honourary inhabitant of Earth who chooses to live your life in peace with a right to freedom. It is a gift of awakening to who you truly are and it is a gift of empowerment, to recognize that the blood of the gods runs through your veins.

I now pass this activation onto my children who created Esophoria for us to deliver to you in the way that they need to.

The purpose of this activation is to reconnect all deactivated and forgotten DNA strands which have become forgotten and unused during the thousands of years of your Earth incarnations. By taking part in this activation, you will not only be taken back to your own, true human origins, but you will be realigned with the Anunnaki frequencies who are humanity star ancestors. The godlines and bloodlines will be stimulated within you (regardless of which species you originally descended from) which will empower you as a divine human being living on planet Earth.

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