Fighting the Anunnaki in Syria and elsewhere

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In the most bizarre, and if true, frightening claims I have ever heard about battlefield atrocities, it is being reported by the website, Someone’s Bones, that Anunnaki alien/demons are harvesting the bodies of women and children in the eastern Damascus province of Ghouta. Strange Things channel on YouTube has also done several videos on the reported Anunnaki presence in war-torn Syria. This video by Strange Things is titled, “Russian Sources—Annunaki in Syria.”

In this article titled, “Russia Pounds Anunnaki Encampment,” Someone’s Bones is claiming Russian Air Force personnel have been responsible for destroying Anunnaki encampments before, but have covered up such operations because of the amount of disbelief surrounding the Anunnaki. However, Putin is not backing down militarily. According to a legitimate source, after a Russian fighter pilot was shot down by an energy weapon (and, reportedly, torn limb from limb):

“Sorties of SU-30s and SU-34s slammed the Anunnaki stronghold with a combination of standoff and close-range munitions, bombarding the villainous extraterrestrials using a mixture of conventional weapons and a proprietary technology known to be effective in killing the Anunnaki scourge. The facility was reduced to rubble and a post battlefield damage assessment revealed no survivors. The blast incinerated everything and everyone.”

Purportedly, the source is former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovic. According to Stepanovic, the Russian Orthodox Church has convinced Putin not to speak out about the alien/demonic presence in Syria for fear it will have a shattering influence on the Christian faith in Russia and around the world. I personally feel it would do the opposite. Muhammad said that Jesus Christ would descend upon a white minaret in Syria. If this information is true, then this would be a good time for Him to make His return to end this war.

This 2013 article from the Washington Post collects and disseminates the various Biblical and Muhammadan statements about the end times, Damascus and the return of Jesus. I will quote several short paragraphs here to give the reader a sense of the potential, indeed, prophesied destruction of Damascus:

“The Judeo-Christian and Muslim texts mention Damascus as an important landmark in the geography of the Second Coming. To some Christian and Muslim scholars it was only a matter of time before the conflict would reach Damascus. So keen are they to share their analysis that the moment you say, ‘Damascus,’ they say, ‘Ask us!’

“Ask my Christian friends and they quote Isaiah 17:1: ‘Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.’ Note the language. It does not talk about destruction. It suggests annihilation after which Damascus will cease to exist as a city.

“Isaiah 17 then ends with a vision of Armageddon, which brings Jesus Christ on the scene. Jeremiah 49 and Zechariah 9 make similar violent references regarding the fate of Damascus.

“Ask my Muslim friends and they quote Chapter 4 verse 159 of the Quran which indicates the Second Coming of Jesus. Prophet Muhammad prophesized ‘Allah would send Christ, son of Mary, and he will descend with the white minaret, east of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hands on the wings of two Angels,’ thus directly linking Damascus with the Second Coming. Surprised?

“While a majority of Muslims and Christians agree with the idea of a physical Second Coming of Jesus, they disagree on his job description and the exact sequence of events.

“The Christian version requires Damascus to be annihilated before Jesus could return to establish the glory of Lord on Earth. The Muslim version requires it to be a flourishing city with enough infrastructure for Jesus to land on the minaret, lead prayers, gather people and then break the cross and kill the swine. The Christian version promises destruction first, peace later. The Muslim version promises peace first, destruction later.”

Thanks to a rare Russian documentary found on YouTube under the handle, “Anunnaki Found in Antarctica—Russian Alien Documentary,” we are finding additional evidence that Anunnaki have been residing in Antarctica. Under-sea bases, as well as in some of the (at least) 151 Deep Underground Military Bases (going back to the whistle-blowing testimony of the late, great, Phil Schneider) are also suggested to be potential hiding spots for Anunnaki.

Thanks to testimony from Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, we know that the United States government has allegedly made a treaty with aliens allowing them the capacity to use humans for experimentation purposes in exchange for advanced technology. This treaty, reportedly signed by President Eisenhower, is called the Greada Treaty.

Regrettably, the Americans were warned by Pleiadians not to sign this treaty; but, we were tempted by the technological superiority we could gain and the military supremacy that the technology would give us—so the United States signed over its soul to negatively-oriented extraterrestrials and, in so doing, created the military-industrial-complex in the process. The military-industrial-complex back-engineered the UFOs and the chair from the crashed Roswell UFO later became transmogrified into the alleged Montauk Chair. The Chair is a psychic amplifier that allowed human users to project their consciousness outside of their bodies into future locations. Of course, the extraterrestrials did not give us the technology for free.

From A Strange Harvest, we have heard that the Grays need human or cow blood to be imbibed (as it were) through their skin in order to gain nutrients. Since the 1970s, the American Southwest is replete with cases of cows emptied of blood and missing tongues, hearts and their colons. Other scavengers refuse to touch the body and there are never any tire tracks. Moreover, the surgeries performed are conducted with laser precision. Indeed, A Strange Harvest is how reporter Linda Moulton Howe first cut her teeth.

There are many cattle ranchers who can speak out on this problem. John Edmonds has given several interviews to Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy where he has gone into detail about having to defend his cattle against Gray aliens. Here is a video of the first one. Here is the much longer second one.

In the American Southwest, if we searched the underground bases near Dulce, New Mexico, we might find, as we traverse the underground highway system, both Reptilians, Grays and the Men in Black.

We know less about the Reptilians than the Grays; but, what we do know is not good. Phil Schneider claimed to have killed one underground New Mexico in 1979.

Grays have to clone themselves using human females to grow (forgive me for not finding a better word) their offspring (or their own cloned bodies) for the first trimester, but then they harvest the alien baby before it comes to term. It all sounds crazy, I know. The point I am making is that these negatively-oriented extraterrestrials, or fallen angels, whatever you wish to call them, need human beings to harvest our life-force energy, or our blood. While cattle blood is sufficient to satiate the Grays, adrenochrome from scared children’s adrenal glands is apparently the delicacy of the Reptilians.

War is the perfect cover story for human harvesting. Homelessness also makes for innocent victims who can never be identified because no one ever goes looking for them. Syria is a war zone and many of its citizens are now homeless. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are now places where innocent people can have their organs harvested and their children abducted under the fog of war.

The alliance between Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France, the United States and Israel in the so-called ongoing War on Terror is a cover for an Anunnaki takeover of the world. Christianity is being decimated and Islam is being perverted so that the two religious groups cannot unite against a common extraterrestrial/demonic threat.

The New World Order will have one King-Despot (to use the term given in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) and he will be related to the Winged Draco-Reptilian faction of the Anunnaki. I submit that Prince William of the House of Windsor is the Anti-Christ / King-Despot.

I have been researching this topic and I just can’t seem to drop it. Montauk brought it back up for me. Mind control is of paramount importance to the Anunnaki. They know that we want to be loved by an omnipotent God; but, because free will is the law of this universe, it seems as if God has abandoned us. They use our feeling of separation to control us.

We have truly never been separated from the love of God. Jesus died on the cross. He resurrected and later ascended. The Judgment of Lucifer and the fallen angels is still yet to be handed down. It is just a matter of time until everyone chooses which side they are on.

It’s really a matter of being service-to-self or service-to-others.

The Anunnaki are waiting until we are apathetic to our very core before making their presence known; and, even then, they will try to use artificial intelligence to deal with us rather than dealing with us directly. They allowed the military and the Grays to do the primary abducting and testing. The first noted example of this phenomenon was the story of Betty and Barney Hill; and, their strange abduction still rivets me.

Currently, Google’s move to China to create Artificial Intelligence, which will monitor everything we do, is stimulating. AI is our false savior. Of course, AI and vaccinations will save mankind. I feel that the plan is for vaccinations to dumb us down and sicken us. Autism, Asperger’s, auto-immune disorders, asthma and cancer all seem to stem from mass vaccinations. Our brain and gut health are also being harmed by GMOs and fluoride, along with the ubiquitous distribution of aluminum, barium and strontium in the form of stratospheric aerosolized injections. Moreover, thanks to the relentless geoengineering, the atmosphere is becoming more and more methane, just as humans seek to move away from our carbon base and toward a silicon-based existence that is known as transhumanism.

Weather modification and manipulation is occurring and strangely, large aerosol injections are beginning in Antarctica and going all the way up the Eastern seaboard of South and North America. We are simply in the last days of Earth. Don’t forget that the North Polar Vortex is split in two.

I submit that the male psyche is similarly split in two over religion and good versus evil. Indeed, the male psyche is so confused because the left hemisphere of the brain is losing its grip over the right hemisphere. The female aspect of us must use the heart awareness to determine what feels right and wrong. We must pray!

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer’s own.

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