50 Pence Shape, Black Shadow, Marsden, Huddersfield, 12th October 2018

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Location Of Sighting: Marsden, Huddersfield
Date Of Sighting: 12th October 2018
Time: 06.31am
Witness Name: Claire Wiltshire
Witness Statement: I was leaving my house to catch 635 bus for work ..I noticed it from a distance above the hills due to the bright lights, and thought it was an plane and was worried as I knew it wasn’t a flight path and it was extremely low, so I thought it was a plane in distress and was nervous and came back indoors for a minute. I then came back and opened my door to look and to my SHOCK it was soon close and just hovered above my house around a strip of circular lights in sections of around 7 or 8 red then white then green.as it was dark I could just about make out the body, it was like a black shadow..the shape I would say was kind of a 50 pence piece shape ish ..I was soon shocked and very scared as it was close and just as if it was just staring at me…I didn’t know what was going to happen so I went back indoors and didn’t even look at it again through the curtains …I waited about 5 min’s and checked outdoors nervously and it had gone…obviously I missed my bus…I am so kind of honoured to have witnessed this, I was too scared at the time to take a picture or video, it was just too close to me, and had no idea of what would follow if I did…the beauty of this siting,is that there is no possible doubt, I was 100 per cent coherent, no distractions of any format or fashion.it felt quite personal,as it just watched me.

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