UFO hunter captures rare footage of portal opening up in low Earth orbit

interdimensional portal near moon 1
interdimensional portal near moon 1

A presumed interdimensional portal was filmed by a vigilant UFO hunter, and there’s no more doubt that such anomalies exist – they are called X-points, according to physicists.

If aliens do exist and are already walking among us, it would be reasonable to assume that their advanced technological capabilities are far greater than what we can imagine. Regardless of their endeavour on this planet, we may only perceive them if we look through the “looking glass,” and not with our naked eyes or senses.


However, thanks to the ongoing global awareness regarding the UFO/alien phenomenon, it now remains only a matter of keeping your mind out of the box in order to find the truth. There are some sky watchers who would pay the ultimate price to know with precision about what’s really going on, and fortunately they are also eager to share their startling discoveries with the rest of the world.

It’s no secret now that UFOs do exist. They vary from primordial and evolved lifeforms, to artificial crafts either made by man or otherworldly beings. It’s possible that governmental institutions and the military have a secret pact with such beings which in term permits them access to alien technology. A solid foundation for these claims is shed by various accounts of different professionals and whistleblowers who speak of reverse-engineering, space travel and recent alien encounters. Could all this detailed data be only the product of one’s imagination? Or rather the concealed reality?

To better understand this concept, I’ll highlight a very unique phenomenon which partook in the vicinity of the moon. The vigilant sky watcher and UFO hunter Crrow777 of YouTube has revealed yet another amazing and partially unexplained appearance. With the help of high-end gear, he was able to film in full spectrum what he suspects to be an interdimensional portal. The sighting only lasts for a brief moment, but thanks to Crow’s detailed analysis we can watch it on repeat and from multiple angles.

According to him, the space vortex is invisible to the naked eye because humans can only perceive a tiny fraction of the light’s spectrum. However, the phenomenon is there when seen through the full spectrum of light (covering the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near ultraviolet). In other words, such portals could be spawning on a daily basis and everywhere around us, but since our eyes are not designed to see them, it’s like this never happens. So how do we know this is indeed an interdimensional portal and not something caused by meteors or space debris?


A conclusive argument is that this phenomenon exists only when viewed in full spectrum. The second argument focuses on the widespread idea of portals that’s seen in numerous movies, cartoons, products and media in general. Where does this idea come from, and is there a solid basis for this concept other than our naive speculations? It may look fictional when first looked upon, but in fact we have proof of such portals opening up dozens of times each day at an altitude of a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth.

We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions,” explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of Iowa. They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

Pretty wild, isn’t it? But that’s what reputable scientists say, it’s no longer a mystery. So, could the vortex caught on tape by Mr. Crow be in fact one of those disputed interdimensional portals which link the Earth to the Sun?

UFO hunters see this as a technique used by advanced alien beings to come across long distances by bending spacetime itself. This way they can stretch to the far reaches of space in a blink of an eye and at the same time stay hidden from the field of view of other lesser species they may encounter.

bent space time bhilk4 - UFO hunter captures rare footage of portal opening up in low Earth orbit

Another wild guess is that aliens may travel unnoticed this way and take advantage of our species by collaborating with our governments that put power above all else. Another controversial theory that might prove to be true in the end speaks of a concealed treaty that’s allowing certain institutions to benefit from advanced alien technology by granting ETs unconditional access to human resources.

One doesn’t see this with good eyes, and the high level of secrecy displayed by top organizations only hints at a complex plan that may already be in place. It would blow the average joe’s mind if revealed, but let’s not end on a low key here as I’m sure there is plenty of good in the world. Where there’s ‘aša ‘, there’s also ‘druj,’ meaning that a bad alien will always have its good alien counterpart.

One question remains though – Are we really in control of our species destiny? Or rather an outside force is weaving our faith and pulling the strings from the shadows of space?

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