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Marduk & Inanna: We open you like a book, Nanaea, to help you look inside yourself for we are not only outside of you but we are also within you. All of the gods are within you and you hold all of their archetypes and each time you are guided to expel one of those archetypes to project it so that you are able to learn the lesson from this particular god.

Today, you are feeling the union of the sacred masculine and feminine within you and so we speak to you as one entity, from a place of collapsed duality that does exist but also divides when you need us to. Because of this union within you and due to your recent lessons, you are ready to learn more about the importance of the labyrinth in human consciousness.

The ancients of your world were divinely guided to create labyrinths to walk as part of their spiritual enlightenment in order to walk deep inside of themselves and combine their polarities. You have noted many times that the labyrinth resembles a brain and you were completely right; a labyrinth IS a brain and a master mind that resides within you which is connected to the brain/mind that designs the constructions within your world and perceived dimensions and realities.

We know that you have been seeing labyrinths since you were a child and of course we know that in your initiations you have always entered the labyrinth. You have often questioned how it is that you seem to know the way through the labyrinth during your initiations and you have always succeeded in getting through and completing it. We will explain all this to you, our love.

Whatever you believe yourself to be, you are THAT. Whenever you claim I AM, you are THAT. You are that which you are and at the same time you are no thing because as your beloved expressed to you, you are every thing within the no thing and no thing is within the every thing that you ARE for you are not ANY thing; you are NO thing and this is much more than being SOME thing.

The labyrinth walking is a method which enables you to connect both the left and right hemispheres of the brain into a combined force which enables creativity in your thinking. Not only can you create through your artistic architectural abilities, but you can manifest is through the power of thought and mind. You are learning to combine both form and formless, both spirit and mind when you walk the labyrinth for no human or god can complete the labyrinth unless he or she aligns spirit and mind within the great mind of ALL there is and ALL that there ever was. So what is the ‘great mind’? The great mind is the PAN force of every thing and no thing which is both left and right, both front and back, the spirit and the mental combined as one. All brains/minds are a model of this great mind in matter.

So when you enter the labyrinth you are entering the great mind and also entering your own mind. You are combining both the mental and the spirit. You are entering your own psyche and as you walk you begin to make decisions based on the thoughts that are being created within you. You are walking through the mental. But then, you come to the heart of the labyrinth and what is this? This is the heart of the mind and it is the heart of the soul and it is here that all the power resides because once you reach the heart, you can then choose which direction you will take when you leave the heart. The truth is, getting to the heart is what matters because when you reach this place you then begin to change how you reach your destiny by choosing which paths you will take. The heart enables you to analyze where you have been and how you have come to this place. The heart is always inhabited by an archetype in the form of a man or a woman who acts as a guide and who answers your questions. When you have been given these answers you then have better knowledge on which path to take after you have been within the heart.


The heart of the labyrinth is the heart of all life; it is the womb of creation, rebirth, regeneration and metamorphosis. The heart is what is within you and what is contained within the cosmic essence of the universe and it is the result of your left and right brained thinking for it is through this alliance that you made it as far as the heart.

The ancient Cretans believed that within the labyrinth there was a Minotaur who the young seeker had to defeat. They taught that not many could defeat this Minotaur. But what is the Minotaur? And why do you meet him within the labyrinth and why must you also defeat him? The labyrinth is the beast self of you and he could be labeled as the devil within. When you have reached the heart and gained the wisdom and tools needed to face him, you use both mental and spiritual knowledge to defeat him but ONLY if you are willing to face your own darkness, your own beast, and your own fears. The Minotaur only exists as long as your fears do and the only time you will not be able to defeat him is as long as your ego means more to you than your spiritual and mental freedom. Those that were said to have been defeated are those who were not willing to let go of ego. Though you can never release your ego completely, the wish to recognize it within you will help you to make it past him and out of the labyrinth. But even if you make it past the Minotaur and are able to escape, you have only succeeded in cheating yourself with the help of your ego and you will have to face this Minotaur in this labyrinth time and time again.


You have noted how the gods either took on the form of the Apis bull or have the Apis bull correspondences and attributes. Do you know why, Nanaea? Do you know why this beast was so sacred? Because the god wanted to express to people that they must love the beast and not fear it and to express how they were in alignment with both left and right creative thought and how they had balance of the male and female energies within them or that they found balance within their primary energy. The Apis bull is like the Lucifer of enlightenment that you must face in order to become illumined. I, Inanna, am the Queen of beasts because it is much easier for the female to reach the heart than it is for the male and rather than destroy the beast I tamed him and became his mother. I too had to face my fears by looking at the mask of the Apis bull that my lover wore in order to conquer my own ego but because I am more willing to face my own emotions I reached the heart and succeeded the labyrinth. The Cretans would make love to bulls and although we despise these acts and do not tolerate this behaviour, we can use this as a tool to teach you why they made love to bulls; it was not only to honour the Minotaur but to love the beast in order to conquer it.

As Marduk, I am the Golden Calf of the Sun and the Jews were told never to make idols of the bull because if they faced this bull then they would conquer their fears and be set free from ego based illusions and this is not what the Jewish leaders wanted for then they would no longer be needed as they taught and teach that the beast is outside when it is inside and all must hold themselves accountable for their actions and not blame or create a scapegoat. But my love, I can be this too; I can be what humanity needs me to be if it helps them to look within and conquer their fears. I have been the scapegoat of humanity and I have died for the blindness of the world.

As the Golden Calf of the Sun, as AMAR.UTU, I bring enlightenment and illumination through being the example of man as a beast but also as an ascended soul, for I have conquered and learned the ways of the beast in order to pave the way forward for others. I am the shining example of how you all can look at the beast and walk the labyrinth and succeed. I am the example of the freedom that comes by merging with my female, my wife, my woman, my love and my Queen. All this can occur within you. Walk the labyrinth and be initiated into the Halls of Amenti. Become one of the enlightened by facing all the fears which trap you within the lower frequencies.

Our message to our children is one of trust, and the need to align your mind and spirit to walk the path of your true Thelema for when you do, the illusions begin to no longer exist.

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