Various Clues Show That the Fabled Continent of Lemuria Actually Existed

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Various legends and different strange landforms remind of the submerged continent of Lemuria that stretched all the approach from India to Australia. Like Atlantis, this historical landmass disappeared in mysterious instances tens of 1000’s of years in the past.

Towards the finish of the 19th century, English geologist Philip Sclater had coined the thought of a submerged continent named Lemuria. Although this sort of trust was once no longer so novel, the researcher equipped proof that will also be authorized through the medical group at the moment.

In a piece of writing entitled ‘The Mammals of Madagascar,’ Sclater famous that lemur fossils had been considerable in Madagascar and India, whlist in mainland Africa and Middle East there have been none. Based in this remark, he proposed that India and Madagascar shaped someday in time a broader continent, and reffered to it as ‘Lemuria.’

Science later followed the thought of continental glide, so a submerged continent would had been much less possible through the new requirements. Even so, the thought of a submerged historical land stays viable, as there are a lot of enigmas dwelling in the subject which level in that course.

The first anomalous subject which hints at a legendary continent of Lemuria is ‘Adam’s Bridge,’ sometimes called ‘Rama’s bridge’ after its mythical builder. What stays of this can be a mysterious string of sand blended with pebbles stretching over an 18-miles-area from mainland India to Sri Lanka. It was once first regarded as a herbal formation, however satellite tv for pc pictures launched through NASA published that it might be in reality a collapsed bridge beneath the ocean’s floor.

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The legend has it that Rama built a colossal bridge that will shipping his military of Vanara, or ape-men, throughout the water mass isolating his kingdom from the island of Lanka the place his spouse Sita was once held captive. It might be only a story, however it is much more likely that it has some fact in it taking into consideration that the mysterious stays resemble a submerged bridge.

The Tamil persons are an ethnic team who strongly imagine in the lifestyles of Lemuria, even if they have got their very own time period for it, specifically Kumari Kandam. Tamil inhabitants numbers over 76 million folks at the present. They are unfold right through Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia, and their language is thought of as amongst the oldest written dialects in the international.

According to their genesis tale, they’re descendants of the previous Pandiyan kings which dominated over a portion of land that was once swallowed through the ocean in precedent days.

Tamils declare their ancestors’ kingship was once unfold all throughout the Indian continent, and their civilization is the oldest in the international. When Kumari Kandam was once flooded, its dwellers scattered in all instructions and contributed to the basis of many civilizations that adopted. Because of this, it’s believed that this long-forgotten and submerged continent was once the cradle of human civilization.

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According to geologists, the Lemurian continent were divided someplace against the finish of the Mesozoic technology as a result of of the emerging waters. India’s National Institute if Oceanography published in a find out about that sea stage was once 100 meters decrease roughly 14,500 years in the past, and it steadily went up as a result of of international warming till periodic floods coated a substantial portion of the landmass. In flip, this ended in the disappearance of many coastal civilizations, in our case Lemuria, or Kumari Kandam.

The equator areas have at all times been maximum liable to herbal catastrophes like earthquakes and volcano eruptions,” defined Professor Karsten M. Storetved, University of Bergen in Norway.

These tectonic processes performed crucial function in the disappearance of the historical continent referred to as Lemuria to western students. Sri Lanka, along with India, Indonesia and Malaysia had been phase of this continent. Many islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans are remnants of this continent that during precedent days coated the entire subject of nowadays’s ocean.”

…descriptions of cataclysm in early literature when land unexpectedly went underwater are logical. But they must be confirmed to be medical details. This may also be achieved with the lend a hand of sea-floor research this is imaginable to hold out. Modern theories to find supportive proof, each in historical literature and language historical past…”

With such a lot era handy, it could appear an inexpensive process to find the ruins of this fabled continent, however the backside of the ocean is an inhospitable position with common transitions attributable to volcanic task, earthquakes and erosion. It is also that we’re going to by no means uncover the ruins of historical Lemuria, however legends about it is going to proceed to surf the planet on this new age of data.

And who is aware of, perhaps at some point each and every person could have the risk to turn out to be an beginner archaeologist, and in the end convey to mild a very powerful sides of our long-forgotten ancestry.


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