Trees Seen Growing on the Martian Surface Hint at Possible NASA Cover-Up

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A daring theory claims that a high resolution photo made available by NASA reveals actual patches of trees growing over the Martian surface.

The intriguing picture has been available to the public for some time now, and it has been subject of deliberation ever since it was first published on the internet in 2010. Since then, researchers have come up with various hypothesis as to what the bizarre formations visible in the picture could be.

However, the official answer wasn’t sufficient for the UFO community that, after closely analyzing the material, has reached a controversial conclusion, opposite to what the scientific community believes. So, what’s so strange about the NASA picture you might wonder?

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Let’s begin with what the UFO community has to say about it. The highlighted image shows anomalous areas over the a portion of the arid dunes of Mars. When zooming in, their features become clearer, and reveal a strong similarity to the trees found on our planet. There are also silvery areas surrounding them, considered by analysts to be the remains of frozen water imbued on the surface.

Opinions between the two sides are divided. Scientists pretend that the unusual dingy lines are simple streaks of material sliding down the edge of the sand dunes resulted due to carbon dioxide frost evaporation. NASA also admits to ‘adjusting’ the image so that the murky streaks appear more prominent. But is the scientific community’s explanation to be trusted?

Various analysts have pointed out that the strong resemblance between the dark plots and trees is a clear indicator of life still evolving on the Martian surface. Their claims are fueled by NASA’s recent announcement of liquid water on the Martian surface, after more than a decade after its initial discovery. The ensemble of unordinary artifacts seen on the Red Planet is another reason to consider the trust in official explanations as an unhealthy practice.

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To further dismantle the ‘tree hypothesis,’ skeptics have asked about leafs that should have been present in the picture, while at the same time, they have answered the question. Knowing that Mars used to posses the ideal conditions for life to develop in the distant past , and understanding that this habitable past wasn’t as far as they want us to believe, may provide the answer.

In other words, the presumed trees may have no leafs on both their branches and on the soil because they are already decomposed, with the wind scattering any remaining traces of leaves across the desolate Martian dunes, blending them with the sandy terrain. If this proves to be true, than life on Mars may have ended sooner rather than later, and there is consistent evidence to support this claim

YouTube user ‘Thor’ has brought more evidence in support to the Martian trees hypothesis by adding that “there are almost identical geographic formations in the tundra of Siberia. Now there is unequivocal proof that high salinity, liquid water does exist on Mars it’s guaranteed that the geological and meteorological processes that cause these formations on Earth are replicated on the surface of Mars too.

Evidence has been mounting up to support both community claims, leaving room for plenty of speculation. It remains up to the open-minded people to filter the information and reach their own conclusions. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this.

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