Crystal Weapons Found in Spain and the Enigmatic Deposit of Selenite in Mexico Remind of the Fabled Civilization of Atlantis

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A package of crystal guns courting again 1000’s of years, together with a cave full of gigantic Selenite crystals trace at an alternate model of our previous, and additionally at the fabled civilization of Atlantis.

The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico, was once a hotspot for silver, lead and zinc, however handiest till the starting of 1900 when a singular, extra valuable subject matter was once discovered.

While drilling inside of the mine, miners came upon accidentally a room at a intensity of 400 ft full of crystals of Selenite (gypsum) of more than a few sizes. Mexican government determined to assemble the crystals and keep the mine as a result of of the captivating wonders it contained.

In 2000, when two brothers have been drilling a brand new tunnel there, the sealing collapsed and published an sudden herbal treasure. A void area 1000 ft under floor was once full of ‘megalithic’ crystals, one of which raised to 36 ft in period and greater than 3 ft throughout, and that was once now not their handiest impressive particularity.

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The mastodon Selenite crystals are amongst the largest ever came upon, and except for this they have been catalogued as the slowest rising crystals ever to be measured. According to geologists, they stretched simply the width of a hair every century, which means that some of the greatest items had long gone via tens of millions of years of construction ahead of attaining the state in which might be discovered as of late.

Selenite crystals have been shaped as the magma chamber positioned two miles under despatched warmth up via the funnels provide in the limestone rock till attaining the underwater chamber. These superheated fluids have been imbued with minerals that upon attaining the void chamber began to deposit and shape fully herbal crystals, buildings which don’t seem to be simply defined through science.

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Selenite crystals are vibrating stones that give a contribution to religious expansion. They are believed to open the crown and soul-star chakras and be offering readability of thoughts, additionally they offer protection to the wearer from unfavorable power through cleaning the air of secrecy, and are although to turn on latent talents.

Modern people don’t seem to be the handiest ones to credit score the a large number of advantages of crystals. Archaeologists unearthed extra megalithic tombs in southwestern Spain courting from the 3rd millennium B.C. which contained war-oriented items of crystal akin to arrowheads, shards, and a gorgeous dagger blade.

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Image courtesy / Miriam Lucianez Trivino

The excavation at the web page of Dolmen de Moltenirio happened between 2007 and 2010. More than 25 folks have been buried inside of the construction, all of them discovered to own an peculiar set of luxurious grave items, the maximum notable of which is an unspecified quantity of shrouds or garments made of tens of 1000’s of perforated beads adorned with amber.

The rock crystal dagger was once discovered in an higher segment of the web page. The blade measures 214 mm in lengths, 59 mm in width and is 13 mm thick. It’s form isn’t unheard of, however the crystal subject matter is in point of fact distinctive, as maximum items from that duration have been created from flint.

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Great process Samwell

How the ancients controlled to carve the blade is but every other thriller. It handiest hints at the significance of those crystal items that will have to have had a ceremonial or ritualistic objective. That, or possibly they needed to battle some kind of ‘white walkers.’

These two discoveries expose now not handiest the subtle tactics utilized by our ancients greater than 4,000 years in the past, it additionally presentations that crystals had a distinct which means even for them. By taking a look much more into the previous, the Atlanteans come into image.

Hypothesis about Atlantis discuss the in depth use of crystals. They allegedly harnessed the energies of the pyramids the usage of harmonics attached to crystals on all ends. Atlanteans had seed crystals which bloomed like plants as of late.

They have been the usage of the crystal for a plethora of causes, of them reminding therapeutic homes, psychological stimuli, readability of idea, magnetic drive fields, psychic talents akin to teleportation, dematerialization and telekinesis, climate regulate, agriculture, and of route for keeping up a longer (world) power community.

With this in thoughts, is it imaginable that our forefathers have been nonetheless harnessing and using the energy of crystals in some way very similar to their fabled ancestors? Also, may just the gigantic crystals inside of the Naica Mine belong to a long-forgotten deposit of the Atlanteans?

While we are nonetheless not able to supply a pertinent solution, our instinct and of route the archaeological reveals in contemporary years define characteristics of a mythical civilization with complicated generation. Pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming in combination, revealing that our previous was once interconnected, slightly than disconnected.


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