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UFO Pendant Necklace

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Corrosion, do not fade, no deformation, no skin irritation, environmental protection, three-dimensional texture work, careful workmanship atmospheric perspective, excellence, attention to every little detail, present a more three-dimensional texture.

This piece of jewelry is the choice for sending friends to send their loved ones to their families. This is a gift worth cherishing, birthday gifts, appointments, daily wear, dinners, workplaces, etc.

QUALITY: Handmade with love! Crafted in our workshop.

BENEFITS: Suitable for allergy sufferers.

GIFTS: A perfect gift for your anniversary, birthday, passed test, engagement, wedding, children's birthday party etc.

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The Mood Jewelry Colors And Their Meanings

What do the different colors of mood jewelry mean? Each mood ring comes with a chart that explains what each color symbolizes: a mood color chart. Below you can find a little excerpt, so if you’re interested in mood color meanings - keep on reading!

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