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Raw Citrine Point Quartz Crystal

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Immerse your living spaces in cheerful, positive energy with our Natural Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower. Citrine is a beautiful yellow-toned Quartz crystal that embodies the brilliant energy of the sun itself and radiates it throughout your living spaces. This powerful natural crystal is known to offer protection from negative energies, promote self-esteem, increase happiness, and also attract abundance & wealth. This gorgeous golden crystal makes a wonderful healing crystal to use during meditation, yoga, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices.

  • Crafted from Natural Citrine Quartz
  • A great addition to your workspace to attract creativity and wealth
  • Place anywhere in your home for a boost of confidence & positivity
  • Makes a great gift for anyone.

Attention: Because it is natural stone polished, there may be some impurities and color difference, if very mind, please contact us in time, And due to the different batches of products, the size will be some Deviation, You will receive a product similar to the picture, but of good quality, thanks for your understanding!