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Aliens Need Get Robot Airship Pin

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There are three hooks and elastic pockets on the top cover, which can store necklaces, bracelets, and long earrings; there are two movable dividers on the bottom, which can be detached and partitioned freely for flexible storage. Closed with a smooth zipper, it protects your jewelry from external damage.

Jewelry storage artifact, can store necklaces, earrings, rings, small stature, large capacity, take care of small things for you, and easily put them into bags when traveling, so that your exquisiteness can be reflected everywhere.

Trays are made from strong metal alloy, will not flex. Beautiful retro style trays Lead, nickel, and cadmium-free.; - Comes with free special gift packaging perfect for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines day, or any occasions for wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, daughter, friend, etc. or for one's self.