A complex underground facility operating on the moon may be the reason why we don’t go there anymore.

The boom in technology in the past decade is a blade with two sharp edges. The rapid shift undergone by technology could be a simple outcome of evolution, but on the other hand there’s a chance that something offered us a boost in the last decades.

However, the sword of technology is doing damage both ways. By offering people relevant technological means to investigate, they usually discover things that don’t add up, and when the scientific community is faced with such clues that could wound or even shatter a well-established and rooted idea, they mock you and cast you away. Thus, the outcast’s community is formed.

These vigilantes oppose the powers that be by sharing evidence in an open forum where anyone is free to analyze and deliberate. To form a better idea, we’ve been told that the Moon is a desolate place with nothing to see or gather, so the space agencies are saving good contributors money by not sending anything or anyone up there.

However, numerous videos released by ‘amateur astronomers’ debunk this hypothesis. The open-source footage reveals a different reality than what we’ve been made to believe; it shows structures of different sizes located in the center of impact craters, all of them well-lit on the surface. Have a look yourself!

An impact crater on the moon should have a relatively smooth surface with nothing protruding from its center. These structure-like shapes remind of earthen factories or research bases seen in inhospitable areas such as deserts or the (ant) Arctic region.

If someone would put a base on the moon, they would sure pick the crater left by an asteroid because it provides a considerable amount of cover and protection. But not every crater is the same, in fact, most of them are leveled, so how can we explain these peculiar humps?

It’s noteworthy that some of the impact craters may shelter natural formations, but there are others more intriguing which reflect sunlight and have other bizarre formations near them which are similar to silos or power stations.

Could it be that a constant flux of underground operations are happening under the moon’s surface and the dome-like structures are research centers and also serve as entrances leading inside these underground facilities? Could this be part of a massive cover-up? And what if all major world powers have settled moon colonies and are secretly operating there? Official source and full size image HERE

Photo snapped by Apollo 11 crew

According to the Chinese, they have an UV telescope there since 2013,and they operate it from the Earth. Chinese officials also stated stat they plan to put in place a moon colony and that they’re also thinking of a man mission there.

Our long-term goal is to explore, land, and settle on the moon,” Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s moon and Mars missions told BBC. ” We want a manned lunar landing to stay for longer periods and establish a research base.”

Weiren didn’t specify when this will happen, but said they’ll ‘check out’ the far side of the moon before attempting to land astronauts there. It’s not the first time Chinese government hints at possible ongoing operations on the moon.

In recent years,a picture with a close-up of the moon reveals what appears to be an artificial complex, possibly a mining facility. This in turn would explain why the Chinese are investing massively in space innovation, including radio telescopes and propulsion systems.

Picture allegedly stolen from the Chinese Space Agency

It’s still a mystery why the US and Russia have no more interest in colonizing the moon, while the Chinese do, but some rumors say the two superpowers already have their facilities established there and plan to conquer even more of the Solar System. China is apparently keeping the pace with them, but for now they have to gain ground on the moon to be able to set sail even further.

Whatever the case, the years to come will surely be interesting. It’s hard to imagine these secrets will be kept at bay for long, as the ‘amateur astronomers’ and space enthusiasts are doing a great job chasing their tails.

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