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Alien Custom Badge Brooches

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A Pair Cute Brooches: Interesting dialogue between a blue cat and a green cat wearing sunglasses. These fandom pins hope that you can maintain a happy mood every day. The relaxed and happy life details can keep you healthy, and can maintain your innocence in the tense rhythm of life.

Reliable Enamel Brooches: The surface of the enamel is smooth, without any impurities, and the alloy material is more durable, has a long use time, and is not easy to fade. The whole animal lapel pin is light and easy to carry.

  • Suitable for all clothes such as sweaters, cardigans, scarves, dresses, hats etc.
  • Use the brooch to clamp the neckline so that your collar is not easy to open, protect the safety of women.
  • Holds very well, it will not come off by itself, even when you move hard.
  • The pin of the brooch is thin and will not cause any major damage to the fabric.