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Natural Lilac Lepidolite Round Healing Crystal

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It gently induces change & allows for smooth passage, assisting in the restructuring & reorganization of old patterns.
It is excellent for business pursuits combining diplomacy with direction & unimpeded communication. It can be used to grid the environment as a calming agent for classrooms as well as shopping centers. It calms feelings of anxiety and brings a peaceful openness to difficult discussions or changes.

Cape Amethyst Faceted Rounds measure approximately, the gems are opaque to semi-transparent in quality showing moderate internal characteristics, the bodies are well faceted creating a symmetrical round bead, the polish is good, and the gem exhibits a typical Cape Amethyst coloration of shades of Purple mixed with Milky Quartz showing a chevron pattern in some gems.

Guaranteed 100% natural Amethyst not treated in any way... Beautiful smooth frosty matte finish!


Each stone is unique and special in its color, shape and size.You will receive a similar set as the picture shown.

But We Guarantee That they are all the same quality.

The size and weight are measured manually, and there may be a 1~3mm error.