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Alien Baby Prop Cosplay Costume Accessories

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The quality of baby alien is very good, we will provide the best service for any extraterrestrial fan. Aliens is a action film written and directed by famous director. The second installment in the alien-franchise, it follows weaver as she returns to the moon where her crew encountered the hostile alien creature, this time accompanied by a unit of space marines. Additional roles are played by famous star.

Aliens are gradually being known to everyone. scientists are constantly exploring and studying. From the beginning of interest to aliens to being accepted by everyone, people began to like aliens toys, and its related products are becoming more and more popular, so we design, generate, and sell it to enrich our gatherings? festivals and Halloween party. This Alien type prop is a classic UFO alien and is approx.

This is one of Distortions most popular props! Expertly hand painted, this amazing, high quality, realistic alien prop is made of latex. It does not include the stand which appears in the photo. This foam filled, flat backed latex piece is precision painted to achieve a realistic look. Wooden armature in head allows easy attaching to wall for standing style. Or lays nicely on any surface for a realistic look.