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Space Alien Star Astronaut Car Stickers

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REUSABLE STENCIL TEMPLATE. The stencil shown in negative form so image will stand out better, making the dark part the stencil and the white parts what is cut out.

CUT WITH A CUTTING MACHINE. Large stencil kits are cut from clear plastic sheets that are 6 Mil thick. Stencils are very light-weight washable reusable and flexible.

CAN BE CLEANED WITH COMMON CLEANERS. Arts and Crafts Material for Scrapbooking Airbrush Painting Drawing. Our stencil templates are good clarity, strength and stability.

FOR A LIFETIME OF USES. The flexible stencil is to be used on any cylinder shapes and see through to help keep on point of projects.

Stencil set is suitable for pigment, ink pad, hand painting, cloth, wall, furniture, decoration, drawing and scrapbooking. Hundreds of stencils art designs available.