You won’t believe what these whistleblowers have to say about top-secret government projects.

Portals are attested by numerous sources. They are viewed as doorways leading to distant places, be it in this dimension or another, on this earthly realm or some million light years away. Most people believe these gateways exist only in science fiction, but there are others who firmly believe that portals were opened in ancient times as well as in the present days.

According to two National Security US Informants, the Department of Defense had developed time travel technology about 45 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government had a fully operational time travel device based on the quantum access previously documented by Tesla.

This technology was used to camouflage military facilities and to provide politic and economic advantages due to the foreseeing capabilities of this technology. Some go as far as claiming that the CIA had taken hold of Tesla’s papers on teleportation shortly after his death.

One of these two whistleblowers is Michael Relfe, ex member of the US Armed Forces. He claims being a former member of a top-secret project. Recruited in 1976, he spent the next 20 years adjusting and expanding one of the two existing US colonies on the Red Planet. The facilities served as strategic high-intelligence research points, and to make sure their secret is well kept, they were constructed in the future.

Relfe asserted that after 20 years spent inside a Martian colony, he had been age-reversed and cast back in time. He claimed that this was the standard procedure and that staff members signed an agreement upfront committing to a clause that would have some memories blocked or deleted before being dispatched back to Earth.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago had participated in DARPA’s Project Pegasus between 1968 and 1972, program focusing on time travel and holography. He knew the CIA was constantly training groups of “gifted” American children to become the first generation of space-time explorers.

Due to their age, children were best suited for such a task. First of all, they were considered ideal because of their clear minds and lack of impressions or experience. The US government wanted to know if time travel affected the juvenile mind or body in any way since adult volunteers usually turned delusional after several journeys. On the other hand, children have a different brain constitution which provides aid during such a trip.

Quantum technology was also abused to buy political influence. As Dr. Basiago recalls, persons of interest from the future were notified early about the roles they were to play. In the early 1970’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he had shared table with George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush when they were informed about their future presidencies.

Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were among those who had been visited by time travelers. It’s rumored that in 1982, even former president Obama had been approached while still a student at UCLA. To back-up this claim, there are numerous witness accounts from people who attended college with Obama and can attest that he would often return from events and then claim he would be the future President of The United States. Could this be but a simple coincidence?

The whistleblowers believe that people should know of these technological advancements in terms of space exploration and also about the other earthlings residing on nearby planets.

If their theories prove to be true, we’re missing out on some revolutionary insight and tremendous technological growth that has been denied to us although it exists for many years. Are we really living in a fabricated reality?

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