This challenging architectural concept aims at stretching a humongous skyscraper from an orbiting asteroid and have people parachute to the ground if they ever get bored.

You know the future is here, but how much will the landscape escalate in the next decades? To form a slight idea, Cloud Architecture Office has put forward a daring concept consisting of the world’s tallest skyscraper hanged from an asteroid locked in Earth’s orbit. To make things even more delightful, residents would have to parachute to Earth, besides using their flying cars.

By envisioning such a challenging project, the New York-based Clouds Architecture Office plans to turn on it’s head almost literally the “skyscraper typology.” The building, which would be the tallest in the world, would be attached by an orbiting asteroid which by the way, NASA plans to capture as soon as 2021.

The architects are not new to such audacious projects since they have previously drawn a mock-up for space transportation and a 3D-printed ice-residence on Mars. Everyone is aware of the humongous costs necessary for erecting this skyscraper, but doing the math after the project is done is sure to yield a hefty amount.

If the recent boom in residential towers proves that sales price per square foot rises with floor elevation, then Analemma Tower will command record prices, justifying its high cost of construction,” said one of the leading architects.

The building is intended to stretch above Dubai, a city found at the peak of super-tall buildings, yet with costs 15 times less per square foot than in New York.

An extendable crane built at the center of the skyscraper would lift 3D-printed modules and stack them up along the central arm of the building which would afterwards be bond by cables to the asteroid locked in orbit.

NASA’s initiative in 2021 to catch an asteroid in orbit, coupled with a successful attempt of ESA (European Space Agency) to land on a twirling comet in 2015, has gave the architects much confidence in bringing this futuristic plan to life in the years to come. Although you shouldn’t raise your hopes too soon.

Manipulating asteroids is no longer relegated to science fiction, as NASA has scheduled an asteroid retrieval mission for 2021 which aims to prove the feasibility of capturing and relocating an asteroid,” said one of the architects.

An array of solar panel arranged on the uppermost levels would constantly be charged by the Sun due to the endless exposure experienced above the atmosphere. Water collectors would also be in place, accumulating vapors from clouds and rainwater.

The hanging skyscraper will be segmented to make it more effective. Business happens on the lower levels, while residence complex is located two-thirds on the way up. Windows will have various shapes and sizes as the length of the skyscraper progresses, readjusting in accordance to the different temperature levels and atmospheric pressure.

It may sound like a dreamy project, but the team of architects has already laid the foundation by creating a concept for a space elevator, as well as a plan to strap the energy contained by a comet and use it for interplanetary transit. In 2015, they won a NASA contest to draft a 3D-printed Martian house.

Living in the clouds is already a reality, so why not take it to the next level with this law-defying plan to build an upside skyscraper hanged on a private asteroid. It looks quite feasible to achieve in a future that seems to be stretching beyond our wildest dreams. I wounder how far-fetched sci-fi scenarios will become in the future.

So, better start saving money and improving your skydiving skills!

Project Credits – Cloude Architecture Office / Leading designer – Ostap Rudakevych / Reference:

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