A bizarre string of events surprised by the camera installed on a SpaceX rocket has further fueled the belief that UFOs exist, and that a select group of people know of their existence, but continue to disregard them for unknown reasons.

We all know by now that NASA had cut the live transmission numerous times in the past whenever an unidentified object made it into view, but it seems that a monopoly has been instituted in space, as other private space companies employ the same covert tactics when it comes to ‘rogue UFOs’ sneaking past their spacecrafts. Is there a ‘secret policy’ in place?

The incident occurred on the first Thursday of March, 2017. While space enthusiasts were enjoying the live broadcast transmitted from a re-used Falcon 9 rocket, several bright orbs sneaked into the picture.

The image was quickly switched to a computer generated animation, allowing only for a hasty glimpse at the UFOs. Nevertheless, it was enough for UFO and space enthusiasts to pick a lead on this strange event that was deliberately obscured by SpaceX employees.

Three of the UFOs are packet in a triangular formation, while another is seen transiting further to the left. They are made of a reflective material that shines bright against the blackness of space, and they have a considerable size since they were seen on camera. That, or the UFOs were passing in close proximity to the rocket.

The most convenient explanation has been put forward by the naysayers who claim the curious objects are nothing more than space debris imitating a spacecraft’s movement due to the trajectory of the Falcon 9 rocket. Others claim the UFOs are actually ice shards, a common sight encountered by astronauts.

Both hypothesis sound feasible, but none of them explains why the ground crew had panicked and reacted with such haste by cutting the live feed when the objects sneaked over the booster. Another curious thing to note is they switched the transmission back moments after the encounter. Could this be but a pure coincidence? Or maybe there’s something the general audience isn’t supposed to find out?

As the world is undergoing this rapid technological shift, more private space companies will sprout and eventually inundate the space sector. This will allow for an abundance of material to be made available to the public, eventually putting an end to this UFO dilemma we’ve been confronted with for so long.

The years to come are sure to bring more anomalies of sorts, and private space companies will have to defend themselves of purported UFO cover-up claims. NASA is sure breathing with ease now that they’re note the sole company targeted by anomaly vigilantes.

An increase in space mission could only mean two things: either all earthlings will be presented with the UFO/ extraterrestrial reality, or every unusual space interference will be debunked as space debris, which wouldn’t come as a surprise since so much junk has been reported to float around the Earth.

However, the outcome for now is unclear, since believers on both sides of the fence have steady arguments to support their claims.

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