On their way to Alaska, the pilots of a Boaieng 747-8 flying above the Pacific Ocean witnessed an uncanny phenomenon that to this day lacks an explanation.

Dutch Pilot J.P.C van Hejst and his peer were headed from Hong Kong to Nome, Alaska, on what was supposed to be a routine flight over the North Pacific Ocean.

As they were approaching the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka, a sudden flash of light pierced through the sky and continued into the ocean, baffling them both. Their flight path was now intersecting with the place where the bizarre light had reached the water.

First thing Captain van Hejst and his co-pilot did was look through the weather report to see if there were any thunderstorms visible on their route, but the path seemed clear with no impediments.

As they were approaching the area intersected by the beam of light, the pilots started seeing strange red lights up in the distance. At first thought, fishermen catching squids were considered, as such practices were well known in this region of the North Pacific. It was still unusual because the pilots never experienced anything but water over this particular flight route.

Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere south of the Russian peninsula of Kamvhatka, I experienced the creepiest thing so far in my flying career,” said Van Hejst. “

New features were unfolding as the plane was approaching the red glow, and the witnesses soon realized the luminous spots were multicolored. but a vivid red was predominant. The sighting was mesmerizing and frightening at the same time, as the pilots didn’t know what to make of the scene.

The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow, in a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water.”

Van Hejst and his colleague felt tremendous discomfort while flying over the peculiar area because no rational explanation was coming to them at that point. Even more, they couldn’t ask for assistance, neither for a confirmation of the sighting, because no other airplanes were flying by.

When the idea of a volcano struck them, the case became even more odd because they couldn’t relate the red glowing lights to magma from an underwater volcano. The sighting looked as if some kind of objects or bioluminescent marine life was holding a large ceremony underwater.

The only cause of the red glow that we could think of was the explosion of a huge volcano just underneath the surface of the ocean, about 30 minutes before we overflew that exact position.”

No ash plume was reported whatsoever, nor other scorching elements encountered near active mountains. Since their lives were not put at risk, Pilot van Hejst used his camera to capture as many pictures as he could.

The Boeing 747-8 had landed safely in Nome airport, and the two witnesses were anxious to tell others about their unusual experience. A full report was forwarded to the Air Traffic Control that promised to look into this matter.

It’s challenging leading an investigation in a desolate area of the ocean, that’s why the official answer regarding the mysterious pacific red lights failed to arrive. For this reason, UFO enthusiasts have come forward proposing various hypothesis.

The most notable idea was that of USOs, or unidentified submersible crafts. According to proponents of this scenario, the red pacific lights were either lighting on tiny submersible crafts, or lighting from a colossal mothership. The two pilots stumbled over their unusual ceremony by chance, and so the Boeing was paid no attention by the alleged ocean residents.

Unfortunately, we are unable to effectively explore this vast underwater world, most of it remaining in darkness and full of mysteries. Because of this, plenty of room is left for speculation, with both rational and otherworldly explanations equally standing in the balance.

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