Across the years, various organization and individuals have tried to discredit and ridicule the UFO and alien phenomenon. Although numerous reports of sightings defying all explanations have surfaced across decades, and have been thoroughly analyzed by multiple governmental institutions, the verdict had most often been against the existence of aliens. But is this truly the case?

During Project Blue Book (1952-1970) the U.S. Air Force had documented roughly 12,000 cases of unidentified flying objects, 701 of them remaining unexplained.

The main aim of the project was to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, and to obtain more scientific data related to each sighting. Keep in mind that it didn’t mention anything about UFOs not being real, but rather if they posed any threat.

The following were the conclusions: 1. None of the investigated UFOs seemed a threat to national security; 2. Based on the analyzed material, the Air Force found no proof of advanced technology or knowledge beyond scientific modern knowledge; 3. There was no proof that would indicate that classified material speaking about “unidentified objects” had something to do with “extraterrestrial vehicles”. But is this really the case?

Project Blue Book was also the precursor of Project Sign, another Air Force operation from 1947 regarded as a genuine attempt to document “flying disks” in an exhaustive scientific manner, using some of the brightest minds from the scientific and military environment. Officials declared Sign a success, and after only 12 months, a report had been forwarded to the Pentagon.

There was indeed no Soviet threat as previously anticipated, but instead a novel notion of “foreign visitors” had been coined by those responsible with the research. It was then when the entire UFO/alien issue was split two ways. On one side of the fence were those wanting to speak publicly about the alien intruders, while the other side had those considering the issue inappropriate to disclose to the public, because it could have harmed the military’s integrity.

Now, if we link the cause and effect of the two aforementioned projects, you’ll understand why the government took so much time to discredit an authentic phenomenon that had previously been proven in just 12 months. The military had out of this world technology on the table, and the potential seemed immense, that’s why greed prevailed over a novel reality that could have been instituted into this world.

Since the 50s, the military had reverse-engineered alien technology, and had since used it to build top-secret space fleet and espionage tools that would propel them ahead of their competition. Instead of starting an unprecedented war with disclosure as the core element, the military decided it would be in their best interest to seize this extraterrestrial knowledge and keep it away from prying eyes.

After Bob Lazar had spoken publicly about this reality and how he engaged in reverse-engineering alien crafts, more whistleblowers across the globe had stepped forward speaking in favor of the UFO/alien reality.

Nowadays, we have tremendous information regarding UFO sightings, abduction cases and advanced technology. In fact, we find this tech all around us, but the sensational factor has been diminished, as if our culture had always benefited from what we have today. In one more decade we’ll have cars flying all around us, hyperloop traveling systems, augmented reality and more innovative tech that will all seem familiar and part of people’s daily lives.

We’re slowly terraforming the Earth, and the main contributors are the agencies benefiting from alien hardware. You see, there’s but a slight fraction of power in the hands of the people at present, and that gap is widening in favor of the powers that be as each year passes.

We don’t know what the future has in store for us, but the main foretold idea speaks in favor of a fake alien invasion. It’s all been orchestrated by our governments that are preparing the ground for total disclosure, but the future reality will be just a product of their corrupt ingenuity.

What do you think is really going on? Share your thoughts on this, and don’t forget to watch the video produced in collaboration with our friends at The Others and Matrix World Disclosure




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