Mysterious object breaks off a falling UFO, stunning those witnessing the event.

Some UFO sightings are surprising, while other are literally mind-boggling. Such is the case of this spectacular appearance over California that has sparked interest worldwide.

An astounding event has unfolded over the Californian sky in 2015, leaving local witnesses and anomaly hunters scratching their heads. The mysterious object was first believed to be a medium-sized meteorite, but after a piece crumbled out of it, confusion could be read on people’s faces.

The UFO made its appearance while it was still light outside, and left behind a smoldering trail, creating panic for those witnessing it. Fortunately, there were no reasons to fear, as the object appeared to be descending smoothly across the sky. But when a small part of it broke loose, and instead of descending, hurtled skywards, people didn’t know what to make of it.

Those investigating the sighting compared the loose dot to a pilot seat that has just been ejected after encountering a critical problem. It’s upwards trajectory indicates that the main object is not some random space debris or a meteorite, but possibly an aircraft of some sort. If this is the case, are its origins earthly or otherworldly?

Another notable aspect is that local authorities kept the matter under a veil of secrecy, offering no additional explanations about what was witnessed that day. Could this relaxed attitude of authorities speak in favor of something being wrong or concealed?

Ufologists tend to believe so, and venture as far as expressing their conviction of an alien scenario, also not taking military technology out of discussion. In both cases, the small object is identified as an escape pod, but without no additional proof, it remains pure speculation and belief.

Other more rational explanations speak in favor of a malfunctioning or timeworn satellite that has lived its days and is now undergoing a final trip to Earth. This however, cannot explain the small bright orb, nor the dense trail of smoke left behind.

In any case, authorities are doing a great job hiding some things from the general public, and even what we see was in fact an alien craft of some sorts, we would never find out about it, not in the next couple decades at least.

Without any additional proof or statements in this case, I find it healthy to speculate on an individual level. Are authorities to be trusted? Better follow my instinct…

The sighting is nevertheless spectacular and poses as a complicated puzzle to anyone trying to decipher it. What do you think to be the case? A conventional case involving space debris or old satellites? Or rather another case of damaged alien craft that ended up in a top-secret hangar?

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