The existence of artificial structures located on the lunar surface is no longer a secret. This time, an anomaly hunter has come across an amalgamation of various geometric structures sitting on a mound inside a crater.

Many people believe by now that the lunar surface is not as desolate and rigid as official institutions want us to believe. By pointing a telescope towards the moon, it’s impossible not to notice any anomalies, or geometric shapes similar to earthly structures. Could they be just the effect of pareidolia and human imagination? Or maybe the conspiracies are actually true?

The moon is an observable celestial body found in the vicinity of the Earth (at least on paper) where only a handful of people had allegedly managed to reach. However, all astronauts are in cahoots with the space agencies led by our governments, so they’re not a trustworthy source from the point of view of a conspiracy theorist.

With so much secrecy around, and a considerable progress in technology, more and more civilians have decided to invest in equipment and answer their burdening questions themselves.

Thirsty for the truth, Streetcap1 of YouTube has analyzed a recent NASA picture of the Tycho crater, one of the most visible craters from the visible side of the moon. In it, he discovered several anomalies which hint at an agglomeration of more artificial structures.

The presumed buildings are located on top of a mound, inside the Tycho crater. Although the Sun’s reflection is visible, their aspect is still distinguishable.

The main structure has a dome shape, while the other two on the sides appear to be triangular. In the middle is found another structure with a square shape and appears to be framed.

Are these artificial structures? If so, do they stand as a reminder of a former lunar colony, or maybe a long-forgotten alien race? It could be a possibility, but recent years have made me to believe otherwise.

Artificial structures, or maybe artifacts belonging to an ancient civilization?

A new space race has begun, and while some of the world’s superpowers are channeling their strengths to reach Mars as soon as possible, the Chinese and European Space Agency have made clear their interest in establishing a colony on the Moon.

With this in mind, I wonder if the US and Russia had already established bases there and are now planning to reach martian grounds, and ESA and China want to keep the pace by first building on the moon. A system of underground bases which exist on the surface through these outposts seen in the above picture sounds like a plausible idea.

After all, it’s a well-known fact that secret earthly bases ( area 51, S4) have underground layers where they perform all the top-secret actions, so why wouldn’t this tactic apply for the moon?

Whatever the case, this starling discovery of another lunar complex is further fueling our beliefs that the moon is not what it seems to be. What are your thoughts?

You can check on the anomaly by accessing this link.

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