A massive fireball with a scorching tail has sparked the intrigue and excitement of those witnessing the unusual event.

The luminous appearance showed up on February 28, at about 6:30 AM, just before the Sun was about to rise over Hobart, capital city of Tasmania. People witnessing the bizarre sighting took their time recording the event, as they were unaware of what was happening up there.

To reach some answers about it’s possible origins and nature, the footage was uploaded on the internet and people soon started coming up with all sorts of hypothesis, ranging from signs of the upcoming arrival of Nibiru, to alien saucers, meteorites and space debris.

As the situation was getting tensed, Tasmanian authorities decided to spoil the fun by debunking the video in the most obvious way. Their official explanation – an airplane with its contrails lit by the Sun’s rays.

On the other hand, University of Tasmania’s head of the School of Physical Sciences, John Dickley, believes the bizarre object might be a piece of space junk re-entering the atmosphere.

It’s definitely not a meteorite. They tend to look more like shooting stars. I wouldn’t call it a contrail of a plane either,” he concluded.

So, could this really be a jet airliner crossing the morning sky? I believe this to be unlikely for the following reasons: the sky should hold other traces of airplanes passing by, but it seems like this one is solitary; no other traces of dispersed contrails on the sky; if you do a google search for “airplane lit by sunlight,” or anything related to that, you will only see the picture of the bright object in this article.

If airplanes would light up like that, I believe more people would post similar sightings on the internet, which is the best place where you could receive a straight answer. Apart from this, the bright object bears almost no resemblance to an airplane, except for the trail left behind that’s similar to contrails.

Does this look like an airplane? Or rather a burning, falling object?

According to one eyewitness, the strange fireball streaking across the sky had various curious traits.

It was very slow moving, not like the high jets I’ve seen before. I got out the binoculars and thought it must be a meteorite,” Ms Peters said. “I was sure it was something burning up from space…but now, I am sure it was just a plane with the sunrise highlighting its contrails,” she added.

With all this pressure from the media, it’s understandable that Ms. Peters wouldn’t want anyone to call her names, so she offered the most convenient conclusion in the end. However, the Tasmanian fireball doesn’t seem to fit in the airplane’s description.

It’s curious that Tasmanian authorities tried to cool the heat off by delivering the jet airliner explanation, although numerous people share contrary beliefs. Are they trying to hide a more unconventional reality? If so, what do you think to be the case?

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