More pyramids reaching out of the dusty and supposedly desolate Martian terrain send back to a remote extraterrestrial civilization.

Former discovery of a pyramid on Mars has sparked the interest of anomaly hunters and space enthusiasts who thought of the artifact as clear evidence of a Martian civilization. It wasn’t long however until rover Curiosity sent another puzzling set of pictures, this time with an entire valley full of alleged pyramids.

Even today is hard to understand how the ancients had raised such structures on Earth, but these monuments on Mars, if proven to be artificial and not the result of some natural phenomenon, would offer an important clue regarding its builders and origins, respectively that such monuments are spread throughout the Solar System and had been erected by species other than out own.

The picture taken from a considerable distance shows a dense coating of dust covering the entire area, together with all traces of life. The alleged Martian pyramids are the only structures that are still standing tall, but erosion seems to be slowly taking over them.

Valley of the Martian pyramids / Raw photo at the bottom of this post

An entire valley of the pyramids on Mars is enough to understand that an advanced species of extraterrestrials had lived before us and had dressed up the land with structures that seem so familiar to us earthlings. Such a scenario would mean that pyramids are universal symbols and could even be connected in a way that remains undeciphered by our unripe human species.

Of course, there is also the possibility of pareidolia or misinterpreting the distance and size of the structures, corroborated with the fact that such a major discovery would need to need to be announced by researchers at NASA in a public setting.

However, recent years have taught that the renowned space agency is covering up most of the breakthrough discoveries on the Red Planet. As an example stands the official report of liquid water present on the Martian surface, notice that had been delayed for many years prior to the original discovery.

NASA had officially announced water on Mars only at the fines of 2015, although researchers have discussed for years about intriguing photographs of what appeared to be remnants of riverbeds or dried out ponds. Some had ventured as far as claiming they were seeing a reflective material on the Martian terrain, but NASA continued to keep silence until recently.

Presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars was a known fact ever since these photographs of dried-out riverbeds arrived

Because of this, it’s speculated that the renowned space agency is deliberately delaying heavyweight announcements in order to have enough time to thoroughly analyze the presented matter, as well as soothing the public’s reaction as much as possible.

If they were indeed to announce that what we see in the images are indeed monuments erected by a former Martian civilization, it would take considerable years before announcing this in an official manner. Until then, they have sufficient time to alter the information in a way that would make it look far less spectacular than in reality.

In other words, NASA is only making available desirable information, while all the treasure troves remain under a murky veil of secrecy, away from prying eyes.

With this in mind, we could be staring at a monumental discovery – a Martian site where pyramids stand as a last reminder of a once-thriving alien culture. Even more, similar sites can be traced to its blue neighbor, hinting at a bigger, interconnected network of pyramids spanning across the Solar System and who knows how much further.

Until further evidence or official news, it remains up to the open-minded people to share this forbidden knowledge that in the future may be deemed as reality.

Raw image can be found here / Initial discovery attributed to / Thumbnail credits – SAG-D

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