The human species is truly stubborn when it comes to accepting an instinctual reality and often destroy or conceal palpable evidence that hints in that direction. We are curious creatures indeed. Since time is of the essence and the modern homo sapiens makes this notion its precious asset, I find it important to gather and link as much information as possible regarding our past, present and future, so that the readers of this site will have the chance to surf through indexed information, referral links, ideas and opinions and further enhance their critical thinking while also deepening their knowledge of this alien place we call our home.

About the author

I am a Romanian-based writer that’s constantly seeking for knowledge and self-improvement. I used to be a skeptic (or better said ignorant) when it came to the UFO phenomenon, but that’s until I had my first UFO encounter. The event definitely shook me off, and from that day on I started questioning everything. It ultimately led me to a reality that’s extremely different than what our culture deems as truth. Over the last couple years I had encountered other UFO sightings that eventually made me understand that my newly acquired beliefs were not just fantasies and delusions.

At the moment, I’m doing individual research that’s providing me great insight and relief and I try to share as much info as I can with the readers of this website. I might still be far-off from understanding what’s really going on, but the truth is out there, and it’s definitely not what they tell us. We can engage in debates on the website or in the group below.

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